Escort Passport Radar & Laser Detector

**Item: **Escort Passport Radar & Laser Detector
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Great reviews for this device (Red display, same model)

I’ve had one of these for about five years. They are absolutely awesome, way better than my old (cheaper) Cobra. This price is unbeatable. It will save your hide many times, trust me.

Valentine One.

Is woot considered an authorized seller for this product? Escort only covers warranty claims if items are purchased from an authorized seller.

They have a couple of hardware versions of the 8500 x50. Does anyone know what version this is?

Hmm, this for father’s day… Will it tell my old man to stop driving his old truck 25mph under the speed limit?

I’d go with yes on this; as the detail page has a 60 day warranty from Escort directly, with the option to purchase an extended warranty from Square Trade.

Maybe hide some weights in his shoes?

Does this have the same shipping restrictions that buying new has? i.e can’t ship to VA?

Take it easy CA, YMMV:
Per Wikipedia:
Some states also have laws about any police radar or LIDAR jamming. These are CA, UT, CO, OK, TX, MN, IL, TN, VA, SC. In these states the penalties can be severe.
Despite the advent of LIDAR speed detection, radar remains more prevalent because of its lower price relative to LIDAR equipment and the amount of radar equipment already in service. In addition, in order to use LIDAR the officer must be stationary and cannot be moving at all on account of the need for a very precise aim.

Wow there is no restrictions to purchasing this. Wonder if they will ship to VA where this is illegal?

Great product.

I’ve had my x50 for close to 7 years. It’s the red model, and I’d much rather have the blue so it’s easier to look at when I’m driving at night.

Mine started giving me trouble about one year or two years ago, though. Now it says ‘service required’ and I just haven’t paid the 60 bucks to get it fixed by the OEM.

They are starting to turn out extensions for this unit now, e.g. an adapter to plug it into your smart phone and form a ‘network’ of x50 users, so if someone’s goes off 3 miles ahead of you, your phone will alert you.

Newer models (not the x50) have GPS that will tell you when you are in a common speed trap area (and also weed out common false alarms) or at a photo enforced red light.

Also, having a mute button on your radar detector is worth the high price alone!

From a 9500IX owner, youre wlcome. i was a k40 UN2000 believer for a decade, havng the 9500ix now ill never go back to k40

The law itself says that it is illegal to have in your car, unless it has no available power source or was in a position to make it not readily available (like your trunk). It also says it cannot be sold in the state of Virginia. So, I think you can buy it and have it shipped to you, but you could never use it unless you went out of state.

I use the red x50 version. It’s pretty great, saved me more times than I remember. If it saves you once, it’s worth the price. This model is a bit dated, but the tech that most departments are using is too, so it doesn’t matter. The newest line of radars are essentially this, with GPS recording and other fancy doo-dads.

Which is an illegal and absurd law. The federal government makes it illegal for anyone to block or prohibit devices that detect or receive any type of wavelength style communication. That’s all a radar detector is, it detects specific wavelengths and reports then to you in a way you can understand, like a radio broadcasting your favorite tunes.

This will make a great addition to my already vast paper weight collection. I’m in for 1!

I have the exact same model. Received as a gift. I can’t begin to tell you how much better it is compared to the cheap-ass cobra it replaced. Saved me from at least 4tickets on the highway. My only gripe though, is that the suction cups tend to lose grip when it gets too cold and I leave them on overbite attached to the windshield. I’d sure as hell get one if I didn’t already have one. The auto mode isn’t that effective on the highway, so I tend to set the city/highway mode manually. It gives me at least 5 to 10 second warning if not more, in the city.
One thing with radar detectors in general, do not relax your guard just coz you got one. Them lidars aren’t as detectable,so yeah, watch out. That said, these are like an extra set of eyes watching for trouble when you aren’t paying attention