Escort Solo S2 Radar/Laser Detector

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Escort Solo S2 Radar/Laser Detector
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Preempting: Yes, many of us still use these. I use one every morning and evening. :tongue:

As an original Cincinnati Microwave Escort and original Passport owner when they came out, followed by several other models, I never thought I’d say the following…

Older, perhaps wiser, and I now rarely travel (much) faster than the traffic flow - or at least try to keep it within 10 mph (highway) of the limit. I now use them as just another vehicle gadget for awareness.

Of course dumping that truly stupid, federally mandated, 55 mph “energy-saver” speed limit was a huge step in the right direction. That and Ohio finally joining the sane world by dumping most of its revenue-trap limits.

These are the absolute worst radar detectors that Escort sells. In order to conserve battery power, they scan for signals much less frequently than a corded detector. Wait for the regular corded Passports or Beltronics (same company these days) to pop back up on here. They are great values.

I have owned this model for over 2 years now…purchased because I liked the cordless option.

Despite going through 2 AA batteries every 3-4 months, this radar has earned it’s spot atop my dash. It’s saved me at least $1500 in tickets so far!

It spots the cops every time with very little in the way of false positives. I even take it when I fly so that I can use it in my rental cars - I’ll NEVER drive again without it!

This man speaketh the truth. I have one that I use when I travel and rent cars. It’s barely better than nothing at all. I’ve seen those radar signs that show your speed fail to set off the detector until after the speed is displayed. Horrible.
I run a V1 in one car, Passport Max in another, and Passport IQ in the third. They all outperform the Solo by leaps and bounds.

You might try to replace the batteries with a new set. Mine has never failed to alert. I often times get a 1/2 mile warning ahead of those speed checkers.

Hope you don’t live in Virginia! If so, you just confessed to a crime!

Yes and I don’t want my Woot family to get in trouble so here is my disclaimer:

Just remember, if you are travelling through Virginia, unplug them and put them out of site. Virginia is the only state out of the 50 that still does not allow Radar Detectors. Our police/state troopers have “radar detector systems”, so turning them off does not work. Leaving them on the dash will also get you a fine because they can see it and know you have it.

I currently have a beltronics rx65, ordered a Valentine v1 and it will get here monday. yay :smiley: