Esoterica Port Medly - Six Pack


Esoterica Port Medly - Six Pack
$69.99 + $5 shipping
condition: 375ML
1 04 California Tempranillo Dessert
1 04 California Sousão
1 04 California Tinta Cão
1 04 California Touriga
1 04 California Trousseau
1 04 California Dessert

CellarTracker links above. Remember, these are 375ml bottles, not the default 750s.


– your #1 PSycho fan.

Ow. My wallet. Ow ow ow. Good thing I have a mom who loves port.

Very nice. Many of us have tasted some of these. I have had 4. Now where are my notes…

Oh yeah and: winery website

i never post (look to your left), but this is sick. been waiting for the reemergence of port for a long time

i agree. Maybe us NO Posters, just have sweet tooths

That is the first and only time I have ever or will ever try to be first sucker.
Oh well.
I’m never awake at this hour.

Hope the hubby likes this. He’s the port guy, the Brits love their port.

This could be one of the best woots ever. I’m going to have to wait for some opinions, though. I don’t have room for 6 bad bottles of port.

These belong in my house…

Oh yeah!! KR and a port experiment. I’m so into this one.

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Production amounts and w00t’s presumed percentage allotment may indicate this won’t be around that long…

Wow…this is going to be very, VERY difficult to pass up. And not many bottles of each produced! This should sell out very fast, no?

Haven’t caved in a long time… budget has been tight… this may just bring me back into the fold though… I’m a sucker for port. Just hope it makes it until payday on friday.

You should make it clear that it is 6 375ml bottles. For example, Condition:6x375ml.

Are you sure? They are only 375 ml. Thats only slightly more than one 1.75 of bad wine.

how big are these bottles? as in, compared to a standard wine bottle?

  1. 6 HALF-bottles.
  2. We had the Tempranillo and one of the others (Sousao?) at NoVa/DC #6. They were delicious on their own. I can only imagine how sublime the port must be.

Oh well, MM beat all of us. Again. Any mill sightings?

Yeah, where are they?