Esoterica Viognier Trio

If you like dessert wines, this stuff is tasty!

Someone that got these before–let us all know how they were…

SERIOUSLY, WD. Knock it off :slight_smile:

Esoterica 2006 Late Harvest Viognier Trio
$39.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Dessert White 375ml
Product: 3 Esoterica 2006 Late Harvest Viognier NOTE: Enter as 375ml Size Bottles!! :slight_smile:
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Previous 12/10/09 Offering

Whoo-hoo! I missed out on these last time. Sweet! (Literally)

I bought 9 last time. I brought 1 bottle to a party, drank 1 bottle with roommates, and one of my roommates poached pears with it.

If you like sweet stuff, this is amazing and a great deal. I really, really like it but it is very sweet. Everyone at the party enjoyed it, it tastes great with just friends, and it makes amazing poached pears.

Also, this is evil because I’ve already bought 2 things from wine.woot this week and did some accidental offroading in my car, but want to purchase more! AHH!


Maniacal laughter is coming from the offices of wine country connect.

Sweet but not super syrupy. Lychee fruit for days.

Bought this the first time around. Calling it wine isn’t fair - it’s really a nectar. Between the super high sugar level and the acid - it should age forever. I’m looking forward to how they evolve over the years.

Now I just need to decide how many more I want!

How long do wines like this keep? I very rarely drink desert wine.

I purchased this from wine.woot a while back and have only managed to force one of these bottles down. Not a very tasty wine.

Never had any desert wines, but thinking about this one…

Last time around, I do believe that Kent Rasmussen said that he thought that the wine would outlive US. So buy with confidence, on that score.

Was this your first dessert wine? This is honestly one of the better dessert wines I’ve had and is an excellent QPR.

Harvested on my bday- Im in for one- it’s destiny!

This stuff is awesome! I have been hoping and praying they would put more up and today is my lucky day. After drinking 1 for Christmas I was kicking myself for not ordering more. Thanks WD!!! I highly recommend this

Got this the last time around. Was not that impressed. It was sweet and tasty but more like a fruit juice. Did not have the complexity I was hoping it would have.

Dessert wines keep very well. Sugar acts as a preservative of sorts in dessert wines. The very best of them can last a century or more.

I, however, plan to have consumed these before 2110.

In for one set. And a good thing, too as I can’t find my favorite Viognier Doux locally anymore.