Esoterica Viognier Trio

I picked this up that time they offered it and cracked a bottle open on Christmas Eve with my parents. We all loved it. It’s super-sweet as others have said, but also very complex. If you like dessert wine, you won’t want to miss out on this. In for another one!

I bought this when it was offered. My sister and I opened up the bottle for Christmas dessert. It was the dessert.

We really enjoyed it, but it is definitely a dessert wine. A nice thick viscosity, lots of stone fruit flavors, and a strong comparison to honey. It’s extremely satisfying as a dessert, filling your mouth and begging to be sipped for hours while you digest and gossip. It would probably be very good on top of ice cream…going to try that next time, I think.

I think it’s a really tasty dessert wine, but definitely NOT something you’d want to be finishing alone or even with two people. Definitely a 1-glass-per-person-per-night type of drink. But it’s so good, 1 glass is all you need!

This wine is delicious. Only bought one last time. In for all three today.

Grabbed a couple of these last time they were up. I will only repeat what’s already been said. These are sweet. Too sweet for my wife, but I find them delicious. I’ll second the “honey” rating.

Great for sipping on after dinner. And, I emphasize SIPPING. These need to be enjoyed slowly. For one, it makes the smaller bottles last longer, and slow and easy will keep you from going into a diabetic coma.


The 3 bottles we got last time were DIVINE.

In for 3 (*3!) this time!

If you like dessert wine, this is as good a deal as it gets. I’ve paid nearly twice this ($30/half bottle) for dessert wine that wasn’t as good as this, and was happy with the purchase. Glad I’m getting the chance to load up on a few more.

I bought this on the previous offering and it is just too sweet for me. It’s possible I didn’t get it quite cold enough before I served it, though. Even my friend who likes her wine sweet thought it was a bit over the top but did enjoy it. I have had ice wines that I love, but to my tastes they really need some good acidity to balance that and I was just not finding that in this, nor was I finding much complexity at all, it tasted like really sweet grapes. I drank it by itself and I am thinking it might be better to have it with something sweet that might make it seem less so by comparison.

I’ve only had a few viogniers… But I’m a huge fan of Port, and it’s been a while since I’ve bought anything from here. I’m in!

Bought some last time and shipped to brother to save for my visit out to him. I made it clear it was not really a gift, as I intended upon drinking them when we were out. And indeed I did. Most excellent! Lots of character shows through the sweetness. Really one of the best apertif wines I have had. Since I think I will be home this time for shipment, my brother will have to visit me to drink some. If he gets here in time …

$21 a bottle at the winery:

Shipping is what makes this a good deal on woot

Are you still thinking about coming out here in May like you threatened? er… I mean, mentioned… :slight_smile:

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With these 9 bottles I’ve now purchased 17 bottles over the last 2 days. - I’ll soon be broke (and maybe drunk).

Do you keep these at room temp or in the fridge?

So if you are more then “just friends” does it taste less filling?

sorry…couldn’t resist


I’m not too familiar with this type of wine - any suggestions as to serving temperature and glass type?

I orderd last time, they are quite delicious. Sweet apricot nectar flavor. Perfect for sipping a small glass after dinner. I still hav

This Wine Woot off is killing me. TY Caton, Poizin and now exoterica are all buy on sight for me.

Whats next Scott Harvey inZinerator?

Keep it at room temp and put it in the fridge for 30mins to an hour before drinking. Too cold and it gets really syrupy. Definitely want it chilled though. I would suggest drinking it in brandy snifters. You don’t drink a full glass of this. More for sipping

Hahahaha! Nice. I wish I could answer that for you :wink:

If you love port, think of this as the opposite of port.

This is clear yellow in color and has flavors of citrus and honey instead of the cherry and berry flavors in port.

Still very delicious and I use it interchangeably with vintage port.