Espada Men's Sherpa-Lined Marled Jacket

Espada Men's Sherpa-Lined Marled Jacket

It seems like every winter I get a $20-ish jacket from Woot that serves me well in all but the worst winter weather in MN. This time my wife also got one (Angelina brand.)


What size to get? 6ft tall, skinny, long arms. Is that L or XL?

Does the Sherpa lining go ask the way down the arms?

Here’s their sizing chart:

Is it lined in the sleeves

Good to know. I’m over in the RRV, and I wear this sort of thing as a quick “throw on” for running out to the trash, etc. Have you gotten this brand before, and if so, do they hold up in the wash?

I wish I has given this a look up. I bought another jacket that was 4xl (and I’m between a 2 and 3) intentionally to be bigger. That one was tight. This one is not and I look like I’m swimming in a 5 xl.

But it’s warm. Not mad at all. Hoping Woot has a few 2XLs left on a woot off lol.

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They’re nice though, right?

I bought a 5X as well. It’s so hard with the sizing sometimes but this will be my “big coat” with enough room to layer some lighter weight garments underneath.

Thanks from me too Woot!