ESPN Game Changer Universal Remote Control – 2 Pack Woot Info Post rocks me like a hurricane

ESPN Game Changer Universal Remote Control – 2 Pack [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping

2 * ESPN Game Changer 4 Device Universal Remote Control

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here’s the product website

and the user manual

They look like they are upside-down

Be sure your TV uses infrared… this may seem stupid, but my buddies tv apparently only uses bluetooth

Sorry; these can’t make the Colts win.

what’s the farthest away from the tv you can be and these still work?

Perfect for The Superbowl!

Boy, the Woot guys really messed up scheduling this one!

Will these work with my Mac??? (Apple TV…)

What does the back of the remote look like, i care more about comfort!

Can you set it up so that the ESPN buttons work for other channels? I know it would be confusing… but if you could use it for other channels as well it would be nice.

Just in time for March Madness!!

Here is the manual

…and here is some other helpful information

IF you are an OHIO State Buckeye Fan click me.

i know the woot writers are mocking my favorite sport, but i’m still going to be proud that they listed the NHL first. so there.

$24.99 with college logos at amazon for one

There are lots of these on Amazon, but no reviews.

And then I also found a 5 star review on Buzzillions. But it’s just the one review.

If you are a Badger, like me, then you just HAVE to have this one HERE, but still not the deal that Woot is offering.

it would be perfect for reminiscing about the superbowl…

Some of them on eBay for $10…with nobody bidding on them.

In for one (two). They’ll make good gifts for my friends with nice TVs. Also, the ESPN buttons have to be set by the user, so I imagine they could be set to any channel.