ESPN The Ultimate Universal Remote with WiFi


First again? Something wrong there, wooty?

Is this compatible with the MultiTool derr herr

Any good?

First! I’m going to keep doing this until it’s fixed.



I think everyone at woot is out to lunch.

Talk about a w o o t k i l l e r. It took out the main page and the forum…lol.

No comments yet?


First? Seriously? This is from like 15 minutes ago.

Wootbot, you’ve lost your mind.

And… First.


is this thing on?

I give Wootbot credit for tenacity. But it seems there is a problem. At least peoople are buying the remote, even with no description.



Ah finally found the ESPN remote forum. Had to use mathematics.


this thing goes for around 200 on Google shopping…may be a good deal :slight_smile:

There’s a lot more than one. Good math though. You can also sort by last post on the Community page to see the Plethora of ESPN Remote Forums.

woot broken, can’t access anything