Espressione Caffe Espresso Maker

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$339.00 at Amazon, with 5 reviews

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April 25, 2010 Woot link; priced at $249.99.

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Review at Espresso Machines Guide

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A really scary review from Amazon

OK, so if you read that review, it ends with the sentence “don’t buy this coffee maker for more than $300”, which is NOT a problem with this woot.

I own this coffee maker and it’s really cool. Looks great on my counter, makes coffee every morning without fail. I have a great grinder, which is very important. Invest in a good grinder and find a local place that roasts their own coffee beans and has a good espresso roast and your coffee will be excellent in most espresso makers.

It’s true, the steaming wand is less than optimal. However, that just means you need to invest in a different cream vessel to support your steaming wand (Heh heh, he said “cream vessel to support your steaming wand”). I mean look at this machine…it’s beautiful. If you had a gorgeous girlfriend who needed an extra mirror in the house to be happy, wouldn’t you go get the mirror?

I have not yet made any coffee from pods so I cannot comment on this feature, although I just ordered some, and hope it’s as wonderful as the coffee I’m making from fresh beans, because it would be so easy. However, I’m doubtful it could be that good.

Anyhow, if you need a good espresso maker, and you like the looks of this one, buy it. And buy a good grinder. And go to a place where they roast coffee beans regularly and buy a good espresso roast. Put some cream in a cup that works well with the steamer and froth it up. Throw it all together, put some Beastie Boys on the stereo (I know it’s not usually morning music, but believe me, you’ll dig it along with the caffeine) and enjoy your morning for a change. You deserve it.

+1 for this review…

Twist those knobs! Twist those knobs! You! Pull some levers! Pull some levers!

I guess it looks like the Megadoomer.

I wish I could convince myself that this one is $185 better than my current one.

Way to go NightGhost! Does Woot know you’re working for them?

Yeah, your posts are
really helpful.

Those that own this machine (or have found tech specs).

Does anyone know how tall it is with the levers up?

I want to see if it will fit where my old machine is.


You’ll need 15 3/4" clearance to slide the unit under the cabinets. The pressure dial is actually the highest point.

The unit really is good looking, and it can make a decent cup of espresso with fresh grind. I’ve not tried the pods yet.

I’d give it a 9 out of 10 for looks, a 6 out of 10 for espresso and a 7 out of 10 for frothing.

At this price, a decent buy.

Thanks Stromi. I’ve got 17" clearance so that will work perfect.
In for one!


Shhhh. Woot doesn’t know I’m here.

Is this machine NSF rated for commercial applications?

I think you’d have to assume it’s not, unless someone with specific knowledge says otherwise. I can find no mention on the web of NSF rating for any of the espresso machines by this manufacturer (including their $800 model), including on their own website (this specific model doesn’t have a page, although a picture of it appears on the site). You’d think they’d mention it if it were NSF rated.

Almost gone! Hurry!

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D.O.A., and DESPERATELY trying to get some information on SERVICE / EXCHANGE, or whatever.