Essential Element

Does the shirt taste like chocolate?

Laughed, went wow, shading + suddenly wondered if I had any of that particular element in the house…


Everyone’s favorite element!

This shirt’s right in my element.

My BFF’s birthday is next month. She’s a chocoholic chemical engineer. Might need to get her this one.

Scratch and Sniff?

Why did the designer choose 119?

It’s all well and good until you get to the creamy boron center.

::inexplicably hungry for Ununennium::

Is this just a thinly veiled “bite me” reference?

The current periodic table more or less has every element through 118 in place already, so 119 could be “next” … though the story from a physicist’s perspective is far more complicated than “next.”

Can this be ordered as a hoodie also?!?!? I only see a link for the Shirt.

I’m sorry, right now we’re only selling it as a tee.

Is it safe to combine with Vanilla?

Can’t wear this. I’m allergic to chocolate (sobs).

I need to work out more to make this shirt an advertisement.

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I was wondering the same thing. I would have bought a hoodie. I don’t need any more t-shirts.