Essential Oil Diffuser + 12 Essential Oils

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Essential Oil Diffuser + 12 Essential Oils
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Here’s some reviews for it on Amazon.

Not very good reviews when you factor in the fact that a vast majority of the reviews that are 3 star and up received the product at a discount for a “honest” review.

No! Did you know most essential oils on the market are in fact only 5% essential oil? Please be careful with what you are using. Do your research . Message me if you have any questions!

I’m wondering about the quality of the oils if you zoom the picture, every bottle says 100% pure lemongrass oil…
I cant find much online about the brand of the oils. Anyone know the company and where we can find info about them?

Essential Oils - How idiots turn money into air freshener!

It’s strange, in the picture with them all lined up next to each other, sure enough, they all say Lemongrass Oil. But, in the picture of the oils WITH the diffuser, they have their proper oils listed. It’s almost like they photoshopped the one picture, not caring to change that part because “No one will look that closely”.

We removed the picture with the odd Photoshop job- good catch!

Kinda wish this wasn’t being sold with the oils, because they are part of the conversation when the diffuser is what I’m most interested in (I keep my own store of various oils & likely won’t use these). It seems like a good price and better than balancing/fiddling with lamp-top devices or heat-based pots.

I wondered the same thing. I can’t find that brand any where but Amazon.

I have these oils already which I purchased from Amazon a couple months ago. I do not know anything about “essential oils” but they smell really nice and work well in my current diffuser.

As far as I’m concerned regarding Essential Oils, Young Living or GTFO.

Only one company currently has any products approved by the FDA.

If you just want these for smell good purposes, they are probably okay. If you have any plans to use them on your skin or ingest them I would HIGHLY suggest doing some research on this company first - if you can find any!

Just came in here to second this one. Young Living is one of the most sustainable producers of essential oils.

There happens to be a lot of good and also misleading information on essential oils out there. If anyone wants some well research information, I can get in contact with my wife who is train herbalist (not just from Dr. Google) and knows her stuff. [MOD: Removed email address]

Yet somehow even in that case, if it’s followed by the word “oil,” it never means “essential.”

I was hoping for a booklet to help with what each oil is good for. As I read the comments I’m concerned about using them like you would an essential oil! Should have read before ordering! Darn it!