Essential Oil Diffuser + 12 Essential Oils

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Essential Oil Diffuser + 12 Essential Oils
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You don’t put these on your skin, do you?

I don’t generally do this but feel I should with this because I bought this one from mothership and it’s awesome. It’s 400 ml which is much larger than this one, made by TaoTronics, auto shut-off, constantly morphs through the 7 beautiful colors or press the button when it gets to a color you like and it holds that color and, well anyone interested can read about the rest. It’s an outstanding unit and I’m so happy with it that I feel like I’m doing the right thing by at least letting those who appreciate seeing other options before buying one a favor. And the woodgrain model, which is beautiful, is priced at $31.44 and looks like a piece of sculpture even when it’s not in use. In fact, since the light and diffuser controls are separate, I often turn on the lighting alone just for the ambience it provides. Check it out … or don’t.

That one looks awesome, too, but it doesn’t include any of the oils - just sayin’.

At this price point, the oils are going to be lousy quality anyway. Mostly synthetics, definitely only good for diffusing.

Mrs. oppyland picked up a similar unit elsewhere, and it works great -
far better than a store-bought air freshener. Plus it’s fun playing “mad scientist” with different oil formulas.

These are great. One keeps my living room fresh while another keeps my bedroom smelling like vanilla/sandalwood and weed. instead of just weed.

What brand of oils are these?

If your like me (heaven forbid) and my friends who own these, we each have certain aromas and brands of oils we prefer and find there are significant variations in their quality (true theraputic) and aromas. We each started by buying a “sampler” and still have the majority of them. I commented because the diffuser is everything and because this was my first unit and, after doing my homework, I went with a well reviewed unit (4.6 star avg.) that had a large number of reviews, over 600. But after using it for a while I really came to appreciate the size and it’s ability to run throughout the day without intervention. One other point, many of these units will warn you not to use citric based oils in them because they will cause an issue with the diffuser that turns the water to a mist. The unit I mention is one which is safe to use with them and that’s important to me because I like a number of the citric aromas. I also have a high regard for the manufacturer, TaoTronics because of other products (table lamps) of theirs that I own. But when I saw the mothership was running a deal for less than what I paid on the woodgrain models I own, I wanted to share the information for anyone who may have an interest. I’ve always appreciated information others have provided via Woot and, in fact, it’s one of the reasons I’ve been such a long time member.

Essence is the only info I can find.

Do the oils have a Food and Drug label on them?

Most essential oils won’t have an FDA approval, because most aren’t safe for consumption. If it’s being sold for consumption, then it will have to have the FDA approval…however, this will bump the price up considerably. It’s the reason certain multi-level marketing EOs are so much more expensive than top quality oils you can buy elsewhere. They’re paying for FDA licensing on their oils and passing the cost onto you.

Warning, I have purchased 2 of these through woot and neither work correctly. The oils are fine but the hardware units are plastic pieces of junk.

Is there any way of verifying the product claim “6 top pure oils (lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemongrass, orange and peppermint)”?

If they’re pure, I’m in, but not if they’re synthetic or watered down.

Just what the bottles say if you zoom in.

Just an FYI for new users of diffusers, if your an Amazon shopper, good high grade theraputic oils are offered on lightning deals almost daily, often two or three oils per day. If you know which aromas you like, you can buy just those scents in larger bottles than what samplers provide and my experience is I end up with higher grade oils than any samplers I’ve tried and at a lower per ml cost as well. It doesn’t serve you well however to buy quality oils if the diffuser they’re being used in is ineffective or unsatisfactory. Though my comment is not directed at this diffuser because I’m unfamiliar with this brand.

The description was remarkably unhelpful.

How do these work, with heat? Because the last thing I want in warm weather is an additional heat source.

Anybody know?