Essential Oil Diffuser + 12 Essential Oils

What brand of oils are these?

Per the vendor: Pure Daily Care

I happily ordered this and received it and must say these essential oils are not essential oils at all. More like actual oil cut with fragrance instead. Every bottle of the blends that come with this kit smell identical with the exception of the HEAD blend which smells a little like it has eucalyptus in it. What else makes these false oils? NO where on the label does it tell you the latin name of the plant or plants that is within the bottle.Neither is the country of origin listed on any labels where the plant essential oils were derived from. If you place one drop of any of these oils onto a piece of white, printer paper and allow it to dry, it leaves a ring of oil, which is a dead sign it is not essential oil, but fake. Real essential oils from plants don’t do this. They are not actually oily but lumped into the category of the word. Also, if you try to look up “Pure Care” on the internet for their website, you get this very limited site of over priced items and when searching for their same essential oils there, and which country they are sourced or ANY info, you will find NOTHING except a place to fill out information if you are requesting information. Also, checking on Amazon with this product line pulls up the same product but with no image and amazon stating not sure when product will be back and the reviews are all negative primarily about the diffuser. This product is a total scam and waste of money yet it is made to look authentic and genuine.