Essential Vocabulary

A cupcake by any other name would taste as sweet…

Cupcake shirt! Spiritgreen!!! Cute and educational!!! Might even be tasty if you covered the shirt in icing ; )

Piccolo Tort-in my mouth!

Bat’leth! To help shape the frosting.

I will assume that the Klingon one is filled with prunes, a true warrior’s cupcake!

I was curious so I spent some time Googling. The Klingon “HIvje’Iwchab” is apparently, “cup of blood cake” in English.

Adorable klingon cupcake is adorable.

English, French, German
Italian, Russian, Japanese
Mexican Spanish, Chinese, Klingon

Sure, you could just say cupcake more emphatically or point, but why not learn these essential words for your travels? :slight_smile:

[Clicken for ze bigger version!](

Cute design. Thanks for the bigger version. Unfortunately, it looks like the German starts with a lowercase letter which would be a misspelling.

Nice touch with the Klingon, bat’leth and all!

Aaah, Klingon. I thought it was Dothraki.

“Quequito” is the best! Nicely done, buddy.

How do I get my hands on a real life version of that Klingon guy? I want him to be my new cat.

If you lick the frosting off a cupcake it’s basically a muffin, and muffins are healthy :slight_smile:

Nice work! Congrats on the print Matt

Awesome design SG! My favorite is the Klingon flavor! :slight_smile:

What a cracking design, I like the quequito most ,I want to pick it up immediately.

The Mandarin one should use a Caron instead of a Circumflex.

Who should I poke so the AA option is available?