Estalon Leather Messenger Bag, 3 Colors

Estalon Leather Messenger Bag, 3 Colors

Is the weight of this bag (empty) 1listed anywhere?

On their Amazon page they says it weighs 2.78 pounds.

It’s nice to see an actual leather back, but how about a little more info?

Is it:
Full Grain?
Top Grain?
Split Grain?

It makes a difference.


Hey there, this is full grain leather.

So I grabbed one of these on Prime Day and almost immediately returned it. The leather may or may not be full grain, it seemed decent enough quality. The issue is the magnetic buckles are basically useless as any bulk in the bag will distort the “flatness” of the front where the flap meets up with the spots for the magnetic clasps to hold together. Also, they’re very weak so they’ll keep popping open. Overall I was pretty dissatisfied with the product.