Estalon Leather Messenger Bag, Black

Estalon Leather Messenger Bag, Black


Wait what color are you selling again?

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That’s grrreat ! I’m down for one :point_up:

Bought one of these Estalon bags for $40 a few months ago, when they had more color selection. They’re beautifully made using quality materials inside and out. If you like black leather (and who doesn’t?), these are a steal at $23 !


I made some edits to clear up previous confusion. I guess you saw them. :laughing:

In the “Features” section it says:

WEARABILITY. Bag features a wide shoulder strap that eliminates shoulder fatigue. The shoulder strap can be easily removed when not needed, and effortlessly adjusted to preferred lengths. Bag can be carried by the handle, worn on shoulders, and positioned across body.

Looking at the pictures, I need to ask: “What handle?”
I am in for 3 of these, now I am wondering…

I think that’s saying that the strap can be shortened to be a handle? The leather on the flap doesn’t look reinforced to support a separate handle.

Arguable. The paragraph is suggesting what to do when the strap is removed.

Ok. I deleted that line. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bought one last time. Love it. Well made, wearing nicely.

And yes, it’s a murse.

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