Estalon Leather Messenger Bag

Estalon Leather Messenger Bag

Bought this for my college age son on prime day…he loves it!! Great bag…would give again as a gift for sure!


I have this bag myself and it is awesome. Only thing I wish is that the strap was about 1/2 wider for longer walking commutes, but normal into the office/into the house from the car are fine. The leather is soft, but not weak. I don’t feel like it is going to rip, but it isn’t stiff. Back pocket is nice and it has a velcro strap to help hold in the laptop. There is a pocket on the inside that is great for holding a passport as well.

It shows the image for the Cognac Smooth leather, but doesn’t have the option to buy it. What’s going on here people of Woot!? I mean I wasn’t going to get that color anyway, but I still like to pretend to have the option!


Robo listing

We removed said photo, thanks!

I tried to find more out about these bags, because full grain at that price for a full messenger bag would be pretty solid, but everything else I’m finding through Googling suggests it may be lower quality.

The amazon page is suspiciously light on details, only going as far as to call it “high quality leather” or “Superior cowhide leather”. In fact, that last one comes from the same exact paragraph as listed under Woot’s description, but happens to not include “full grain”, like Woot’s has.

Seems nice, but I’m wary that it’s not as quality is advertised here.

I almost bought this, but the “strap broke” tag on reviews is so consistent and bad. I often have to run to catch a train, can’t have this break and destroy my expensive laptop.

ps: It is a good gift to impress someone :wink: