Estalon Leather Messenger Bag

Estalon Leather Messenger Bag

I’d be all over the brown one at this price…



Anyone else not getting the deal-o-meter price when you add it to your cart?

Use this link:
Deal-o-meter page is pointing at the wrong thing right now.

Darn. Was gonna get it for my lady friend, but the birthday week email says it’s a “Leather Laptop Messenger for Men”.

Not really offended, but why can’t it just be a “Leather Laptop Messenger” bag? Doesn’t get much more gender neutral than a black leather laptop bag.

Yeah, the “for men” wasn’t really needed. It’s not in the sale that way at all. Not sure why it was added.

I suppose it was intended to assure tough guys it would be ok for them to use.


PERSON ON STREET: “Hey, nice bag!”

TOUGH GUY WITH BAG: “Them’s fightin’ words!”



That brown one is really pretty. Add it as an option and I’m in.

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I weep for the future of ‘men’.

Why? Because we won’t be coddled by machismo product marketing to help mask our insecurities?

Or maybe you’re implying “men” should only carry their laptops in a bag made of barbed wire and duct tape?

Trust me, men are going to be just fine regardless of how this product/forum triggered you.

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Ok, I actually bought one (and yes, I’m secure in my “tough guy” masculinity), but now I’m getting endless harassment from my wife and daughter, “man bag”, “murse”, etc. My 16yr old son chimed in with, “wow, millennial often?” and upon seeing the pic of it against the brick wall, “yeah, that’s a murse.”

Sooooo, it’s gotten worse after reading this thread aloud.

I think I need to go huntin’ or fishin’ or something…sad thing is I work in the construction industry. Guess I need to wear my big-boy pants and prepare for the barrage to continue

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How exactly do we know which product this is? The item says “color: black smooth” and shows one picture of that case, but then the rest of the images are for the brown 15 inch case, and most of the product details listed, including the measurements, are taken word for word from that Amazon item listing as well. For instance “leather surface have disorderly wrinkles, scars, scratches that present the style of retro and wildness”. Also, there are 3 different cases in the Amazon listing but only the brown 15 inch case has a $74.99 list price. Everything about this product listing is totally misleading and inaccurate and some clarification would be nice, because the brown 15 inch case would be perfect for me but the 13 inch is too small. The item description is a total hodge-podge of details taken from 3 different items and that is extremely misleading.

It is the black bag

Don’t get caught carrying a backpack, people may get the wrong idea from that also

Whatever you do, don’t walk around clutching your laptop to your chest like this:


No! I am mantrabasack_curve_walking_laptop_desk


Yeah, that brown one is nice. Had it been that one I would have ordered 2-3 at that price. 1 for myself and 2 for gifts. Make it happen Woot!