ESTES 2.4 Ghz R/C Dart Indoor Quadcopter

**Item: **ESTES 2.4 Ghz R/C Dart Indoor Quadcopter
Price: $48.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Hey all. Could you do me a favor? Pretty please? With whip cream on top?

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Nice thing about this copter? This isn’t a kid’s toy. This thing has Beginner, Advanced, and Expert modes. This is aimed at the 14+ crowd.

Anyone know how good the batery life is on these? I have a small RC helicopter and it goes for about 15 minutes on a 2 hour charge which just isn’t worth it.

I wish I knew where to post the answer, please help!

What did you get for the answer

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too slow again

Lots of folks (like think this is an OK first quadcopter, but prefer the Syma X1.
At Amazon for a similar price

I like the Syma controller better, as it is more like those you would use for a more advanced R/C flyer or quadcopter.

239, which I think is wrong, but still don’t know where to post a try!

You don’t post an answer. You add it to the URL in the clue. See the thread I linked to above and there are quite a few explanations there.

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why is the answer not nine?

I think we really need to start keeping the answers to ourselves until the BoC is gone… since they seem to disappear within seconds after the solution is posted.

Not as cool as my VertiBird!

Same here but I am still getting 404 behind the Eqation answer, so for this it is:


34 * 34 * 34 * 34 = 1336336

there are 34 W’s in all the WKC dog show winners. The first 3 years went to the same dog.

Holy GREAT memories! I got that VertiBird for Christmas back in the late 70s! STILL ranks as possibly the best thing Santa ever brought me (and, yes, I still believe).