Estora Bathroom Faucets

OK… so last week’s kneading massage cushion had a car adapter that somehow made it a tool. How do these get in here?!

I’m guessing that they already had too much for Home. These have appeared before, and I think it was in Home. Speaking of which, can anybody who bought these before chime in? Are they any good? I have two faucets in the Jack and Jill bathroom upstairs that are 15 years old, ugly, and need to be replaced. This seems to be the time.

Tools also includes home improvement. Changing a faucet is a home improvement.

The massager was whacky, I’ll give you that one. This one fits.

What is Woot Tools & Garden?
A discussion of flagstones, crown molding, and avocado pits.

You’ve got a house. And maybe a yard. And it’s nice. Real nice. But, you know, it could always be a little nicer. Maybe you’ve been meaning to add some crown molding to your microwave. Maybe you want to put some flagstones out in the backyard. Maybe you want some flags and some stones separately. The point is, you want to improve your home and yard. That’s why you need Woot Tools & Garden.

Well, I’m going to say that selling stuff that you need tools to install is just as much a stretch as the car charger. But now that I’ve said that, it ain’t my joint and I’ll shut up.

Could someone give me details re: this pesky detail:

“Pop up drain assembly sold separately”

I just bought one, and want everything that’s needed to finish the job BEFORE I start.

The pop up drain assembly is the piece that goes in your sink to block the water from going down the drain, if that makes sense.

As Manhandsha said, it is the drain plug assembly.

If you are replacing a faucet on an existing sink, you most likely already have this assembly in your sink, and most faucets are compatible with most pop up drain plugs. it is rare that you can’t get them to work.

The only concern, is if you bought a faucet that doesn’t match the drain plug, you may not like that they look different. If you want a plug that matches the faucet hardware, you can buy the matching plug from any Estora vendor.

Faucet works great! I got the 105-62537 Marono Two Handle Chrome one.

Was a pain to disconnect the old hot and cold lines because my old faucet was all oxidized and rusted. Had to pick up a vise grip and finally got it disconnected.

Was going to install the new drain it came with too but once I realized the existing one was pretty stuck I figured I’d just keep using the old one. Had a minor issue adapting the drain arm to the existing drain stopper since it was shorter and thinner. Duct tape saved the day :slight_smile: