Estora Kitchen Faucets

What other liquids can I pump through these?


The Chrome Single pull-out one looks identical to one we got from Ikea 10 or 12 years ago. No leaks but the rubber boot covering the toggle on the spray head is worn thru. Thinking about getting a 2-handle one with a separate sprayer…

A great upgrade to any house: put a kegerator under the sink and put a tap where the soap dispenser is supposed to come out. Win!

Damn Woot, bad timing I just put a new faucet in on Monday.

In case this is ever referenced if/when they sell this brand again - mine lasted less than 2 years before the aerator disintegrated. The retainer ring was in pieces. This was not that cheap, so I would not consider it a deal when it only lasted less than 2 years.