Estora Kitchen Faucets

Hmmmm, good question. Let me fire off an email to check that. It may be morning before I hear back.

Update: they do not come with the soap pump. Sorry for the error. We’ve corrected the sale. If you already purchased one, CS will be contacting you.


(Disclaimer: Sorry I just saw Star Trek)

What is the mechanism to hold the spray head on the faucet, especially with the Varismo? Is is a magnet?

I think the hose below has a weight on it to hold the spray head to the faucet.

Anyone care to help me understand the quality of this brand, Estora, vs something like Grohe? I had a Grohe faucet and felt like I was buying a brand more than the quality. Don’t get me wrong the Grohe was a very solid feeling faucet, just not sure it was worth more than a Delta from HD or Lowes. If I could get one for this price I absolutely would. So the question I guess is - How is the Estora brand?

any special deal on buying the soap dispenser? Hope, hope!?

This is in the tools and garden category. But it’s a kitchen faucet. Maybe it should be in the “home” category? Just asking.

Think of Lowes. Tools also includes home improvement items. Faucets are considered a home improvement.

Before we had Tools & Garden, it would have been on Home. Now Home is focused on Home & Kitchen items like decor, storage, furniture, tabletop items, etc.

I cant believe that Estora Pull Out model sold out. Spend the extra money and get a pull down model.

Pffffft. It’s a nice modern look. I like them.

I want the one that dispenses spaghetti when you turn it on, like the one in the picture!

Ah the steel one would’ve matched my water filter faucet but it was sold out.

Oh well my current faucet is chrome and looks OK with the steel water filter.

I couldn’t decide between the pull down model 25-51141 or the one with the separate sprayer model 200-51330… So I got both!

I should probably just tell my work to direct deposit my paycheck to Woot. =P

I thought it was BACON!

Hey woot, could you please bring this sale back in a few months, after I move into the new house? thanks!

I would get a Delta over one of these any day of the week personally. Not only are Delta’s about the same price from Lowe’s or HD, they look at least as good, they are guaranteed for life, they will send you replacement parts if you call them, and if you don’t want to wait pretty much any hardware store in existence is going to carry the replacement parts.

But… Lowes isn’t a tool store, it’s a Home Improvement store, which has items from a variety of separate sub-categories, like tools, plants, storage, etc…

This isn’t a tool, nor is it garden. Just sayin


Counterpoint: How about this description from the FAQ:

What is Woot Tools & Garden?
A discussion of flagstones, crown molding, and avocado pits.

You’ve got a house. And maybe a yard. And it’s nice. Real nice. But, you know, it could always be a little nicer. Maybe you’ve been meaning to add some crown molding to your microwave. Maybe you want to put some flagstones out in the backyard. Maybe you want some flags and some stones separately. The point is, you want to improve your home and yard. That’s why you need Woot Tools & Garden.

The 25-51141 looks/works great. Sprayer has a lot of pressure. (I canceled the pull down one I ordered, thanks woot!, since I stupidly forgot I have a portable dishwasher and wouldn’t be able to attach it to the faucet lol)

Only issue was I had to pick up an adapter for the dishwasher connector since the new faucet is smaller than most.