Estrella Creek Estate Petite Sirah

Estrella Creek Estate Petite Sirah
$56.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2005 Estate Petite Sirah, Paso Robles Foothills
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And here I was gearing up to make Cesares post for him.

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Do you know what would make my day? Macrostie!

I like estrella creek because the grapes are picked with care and by hand. Also this california type seems to leave a smooth and clean after taste, perfect for the after dinner type.

Everything going ok over here? Any problems with purchases?

not that I can tell

Yes there is a problem. I remember wanting this during the PS WOOT OFF and VA wasn’t on the list. And it isn’t on the list again. Other than that, no problems.

No- VA is not on the list!!

Tasted like raisin sludge. Gross stuff. Contemplating putting the last bottle from the PS wootoff down the drain - not even sure I can cook with it.

The winery gives us the list. That’s what we have to go by.

I was able to taste this at D&D (I think it was the 2005). I remember liking it and that it was really earthy with less fruit than other ones that night. Don’t have anything more specific than that. Sorry, tasted about 30 PS’s that night.

We know- we just had to give you grief!!! We wouldn’t want to let this go without complaining!!!

Oh good! I’m running short on the complaints this morning!

I don’t think you will get that kind of attitude around here. At least I hope not!

Yeah, those regular Woot people have issues. It’s no wonder you stop in here as often as you can.

:wah: Thank you!

More like hide.

Excited about the day ahead, and hoping for some Saxon Brown!

You seem to respond to responses about the response to your post for the sake of posting, just for the sake of responding. I think. It’s complicated.

Of course, that means I’m just responding too your . . . for the sake of . . . oh boy. I’ll just go get some coffee now. . .