Etón 2000 mAh Hand-Powered Battery Pack

**Item: **Eton 2000 mAh Hand-Powered Battery Pack
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These type devices are best used to charge USB battery packs and not your phone, or other device, directly. The power output from these hand-crank generators are not very stable and clean. USB battery packs don’t much care about pure sine waves and such.

Some additional info can be found on the product page and let’s learn all about Eton

That comment makes no sense. This IS a battery pack. The crank just sends juice to the battery, which then sends juice to the device. It’s DC out. No sine waves.

What I would like to know, but don’t, is how much cranking is required to fully charge the 2aH battery. I’m guessing it’s an insanely long time. This is also just a flywheel, right? Why did generator makers completely forget about SPRING STEEL?!? Once upon

USB battery packs care very, VERY much about pure sine waves and such. If you think you can just shove an AC sine wave into a battery in order to charge it you have another thing coming! Charging batteries is a complex business and doing it wrong can lead to explosions and other nastiness. Even when you know what you’re doing this can still cause issues.

This is a complete product which likely has lots of internal smarts relating to how to deliver current to either the batteries or the device, and also smarts relating to taking the AC output of the hand crank generator into a smooth DC clean signal.

You’re probably meant to supplement the battery by cranking and not really meant to charge the battery or your device using the crank. It’s an emergency recovery mechanism if all else failed.

The Amazon reviews are informative. Looks like you can charge a ~1000mAH device in 1-2 hours of cranking, which makes sense.

Is there an accessory attachment for bicycle power?

that would be sweet!

I agree. I had seen this item on another website and questioned it’s practicality due to the need for continuous exertion. You would be tired in no time! I have an old Baygen radio with a clockwork mechanism that allows you put a lot of potential energy into it in a short period of time. It runs for several minutes on each wind up and produces a steady flow of power. It is much easier to crank something once every few mins or so with more force than to continuously wind for several minutes with less.

THINK. You have another THINK coming. “If you THINK x, you have another THINK coming.”

Not so fast…both “think” and “thing” are acceptable. But don’t take my word for it, the internet says so: You've got another 'thing' / 'think' coming? | WordReference Forums

And did I mention: You've Got Another Thing Comin' - Wikipedia

Anyone else think that this looks like a poorly designed stun gun?

“Oh, hang on, I need to charge my stun gun before I shock the crap out of you…[sound of crank…]”

While both may be acceptable, the THINK version is probably used more by people who THINK they are clever.

Using “think” is anachronistic in the sense that it’s no longer the commonly-accepted phrase. It’s the idiomatic equivalent of using “thee” and “thou” - sure, people used it in the past and its usage predates other words, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to use now.

I agree with miniskunk. It seems that a hand crank could generate a lot more than the 5 watt input that this device can accept. If that’s the case, then most of the crank energy is wasted. Wouldn’t it be better to use the crank to store energy, like a old time watch spring, and release it slowly, so that the battery can accept all the power potential of the crank?

So… do I need to crank this while I’m charging something, or can I crank the heck out of it for a few minutes and then plug in into whatever I’m trying to charge?

I think this would be a better cardio device than a charger. Hey, the manufacturer can boast that it is an upper body builder as well!

Wish I had had a boat load of these to sell after Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy.

To those debating thing vs. think, I offer this masterpiece to the discussion. I’m pretty sure Rob Halford wanted to have a say.