Ethan Williams Dress Shirts

The features for this shirt state “Perfect length to be worn untucked.” For whom? I stand 6’7 and can be sure this shirt would end somewhere above my navel. A vertically challenged friend would have the same shirt hit below his Knees. Might be a perfect fit for an average person – who wants to be average? We exceptional persons are just insulted.

“shirts for men”

Not for slender man.

39"-42" chest is a small? Wow. That’s normally a large. Are these shirts for body builders?

I bought 8 of these shirts and they are nice. My only complaint is the buttons. When you have the shirts dry cleaned, the buttons crumble and crack. :frowning:

These are strangely proportioned shirts with even stranger collars. I bought two during a previous WOOT and should have returned them. I’m not slender by any means, but the medium, which I usually wear, is big in the shoulders and sleeves (width), which is almost never the case. The the buttons are spaced in such a way that the top button needs to be closed, or else you got a Magnum PI open shirt going on. If you are muscular or could otherwise fill out the shirt, it would probably be fine, but regular to slightly large people should avoid.

Bought a couple of these in a past woot. The shirt material is nice, patterns are good. I haven’t had the dry cleaning button issue as described above, but I haven’t worn them a ton of times, yet.

They are a bit of an odd fit. I’m 5’8"ish 180ish and usually wear a 17 or 17.5 32/33 shirt (so not thin, and not great shape 180 either) and bought the medium. The torso length is fine but I tuck them in, shoulders are a little wide, I don’t (and probably can’t) button all the way up on the collar due to my neck, and the sleeves fit well considering the length is listed as 35.5" which is 2.5" more than my normal sleeve (I think most of that 2.5" is in the odd / wide shoulder cut since the 35.5" is from center of back). The stomach area is a little tight due to my heavy 180 but completely bearable and would fit just fine if I dropped a few, which I should haha…

These are about $10 cheaper than when I bought mine.

They are sharp shirts.

Finally shirts that fit us bigger broad shoulder guys. I fully expected to click on this and see “slim fit!” They are still out of my cheap skate range of 15 to 20 bucks a shirt, but at least they are here now.

Why would anyone want to dry clean cotton shirts?

Maybe “launder” is a better term. I take my dress shirts to the dry “cleaner” but get them “laundered” and pressed. $1.25 a shirt, and I don’t have to deal with ironing at home.

I am 6 ft 4 in. I wear a large 16 1/2 neck. Need a 36 in. sleeve.

If sleeve size is not available, I can’t buy shirts. And, I don’t understand how any one can.

Aforrest, I am your size, but muscular build. Judging by your sleeve comment you bought a medium? I can’t ever wear a medium due to neck and shoulders. I’d be stoked to get a shirt without needing tailoring.

The sleeve lengths are in the size chart on the specs tab.

The first four words of the description in the Features tab are “Button down dress shirt” but not one of the photos shows a button down collar. What’s up with that?

A button shirt is commonly called a button-down shirt. It’s weird to me but it’s common in the industry.