Ethan Williams Men's Cotton Dress Shirts

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Ethan Williams Men’s Cotton Dress Shirts
Price: $36.99
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3/28/2018 - $36.99

The products don’t seem to match up when selecting your style. I want that sweet “navy with red accents” but I do not see it in the selection. I also don’t see any red on the picture. Just navy and black. Want to make sure I’m selecting the right one! HAHA

Ethan William’s site lists it as “EWC 721 Indigo Black Ornate Print Button down shirt”

I purchased a couple of these last time they were offered. They run small, at least one size, maybe two.

I have two larges that are at best mediums.

Love the shirts, just wish they fit.

Yep, I too bought one that I can’t wear.

Howdy there. The shirts are captioned with their color name.

If you’re on mobile, tap into the sale to view the images.

Pockets or no pockets? There’s two different images so it’s contradicting

Looks like no pockets. Where are you seeing pockets? Are you seeing the cuffs of the folded shirts?

what are your numerical sizes for dress shirts, normally? Meaning, what’s your collar and sleeve?

I’m like a 16.5 collar, 32/33 sleeve and I passed on buying these last time because it looks like the sleeve size starts at 35 with the small and goes up from there. does the size match the numbers listed here?

I bought the stretch Navy in Large and it is perfect.

Usually a 16.5 35, and a large fits perfect, could be that it’s the stretch, but it’s now one of my favorite shirts. I’m 6’2" and hovering around 200lbs.

I’m picking up the stretch black and maybe one other this go around.

Definitely not worth 160, but definitely worth $40.

OK Whoot,

Royal Gingham with Denim Accents
Black Gingham with Black Accents
Navy with Navy dot accents
Light Blue Anchor print with navy accents
black with stripe accents
red with navy dot accents
grey check with black accents
navy with white contrast cuff and collar
Pink with white contrast cuff and collar
indigo/black print w/ black accents

I don’t see these photos, but I see the option to buy. What do they look like?

I’m 6’2" and 215 lbs. 16.5 neck and 34 arm length. I bought 4 of these shirts last go in XL and the fit is perfect. Very well made shirts and they look fantastic.

hm. maybe I’ll chance it on the medium. Thank you (and Crotts21) for the response.

For anyone trying to figure out the other colors, see here:

I also purchased 2 XL shirts last go around. They are great shirts and even come with extra collar stays. However, they were too small for me and have been moved to the back of the closet in hopes that one day I will be able to wear them. A normal XL usually fits tight around the neck and more that enough room around the chest and belly. These I have no chance at buttoning the top button and leave little to the imagination of the dad bod I’m rocking around the chest and stomach.
My suggestion is that if you don’t have a slim physique my a size up. I’m debating getting a XXL this go around.

Hi there. Sorry for the problem. The sale should be fixed now. Our admin was being fussy.

Hi all, the shirts have NO pockets, the folded images you see is the cuff flipped over when folded.Thank you

Sorry all for the confusion, should you need to see what a particular shirt looks like you can always visit the website to see all images. Hopefully this issue will be resolved shortly

Thank you Wooters!

I must agree the descriptions differ from the selections offered. It is kinda confusing.
wonder which one ill end up with?