Ethan Williams Soft Sueded T-Shirt 3-Pk

This is my Lucky Day. I picked these up the last time they were listed and love them. These are the most comfortable and best fitting t-shirts I’ve ever worn. I recently came back looking to buy more, but found them not available. These are listed on the manufactures web site for $30 a shirt! I almost broke down and paid that price. So glad I waited.
Pick up a set. You’ll love them.

Can you tell us what “comfort fitted” means in terms of how these are cut? Are they fitted for a slimmer torso or does comfort mean they have a wider cut at the belly? We’re always looking for slim fit shirts.

Definitely a slimmer cut. I am usually somewhere between a L and XL. Ordered the XL last time these were up and the fit is great. They are a little longer as well which I like. Ordering some more today.

Are these wickers? You know, the kind that tell the sweat, “Get off my belly.” Because I like that kind. I usually get the X/Temp but if these do the wicking then may bite.

Nope. I do not believe they do. Very soft.

A little slimmer fit. I’m beefy and the xxl fit my 300 lb torso fine. Buy these tees they are great.

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Ethan Williams Soft Sueded T-Shirt 3-Pk
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