Ethernet over Power Powerline Converter

Received mine today. They work very well.

Are they extenders or exactly what are they used for,I was told I needed a extender

What these plugs do is essentially turn your house’s electrical wiring system into a LAN hardwired system as well. Both electricity and LAN-data can be transmitted over the same physical wire simultaneously since the two use different frequencies.
What you would do with this is plug an ethernet cord from your modem/router into one of the converter boxes, and then plug that converter into the power outlet. From there, wherever you are wanting to get access to your LAN, you would plug the other converter into a power outlet, plug another ethernet cord into that converter, and then lastly plug the other side of that second ethernet cable into whatever device is needing hard-wired internet.

TL;DR: this pair of devices lets you turn your house’s electrical wiring into ethernet extension cords.

So I know the advertised throughput of 200 Mbps is optimistic, but will someone please explain how that 200 Mbps figure is compatible with the 10/100 Mbps ethernet port on the device? Are they talking about a powerline network with more than 2 nodes?

Received mine - working great!

Received mine. They work, but I’m getting about 21 Mbps, or 2.5 MBps. My Internet is MUCH faster than that, so it’s gotta be these converters limiting the bandwidth. Still, better than trying to get a 5ghz wifi signal through all these walls.