Ethika Men's Underwear

I considered buying these, until I read the two sets of reviews, on Amazon.
Amazon 2

It was cold, I swear!!

What was that comment from this summer? “Why bother with the Sears catalog when there’s”

Thanks for the research, I was looking to buy them too.

Will these effectively hide my thunder?

As long as there is no storm.

Funny - at first glance I thought the tag line on the sport page below this woot was for these but it was for the Pool Tables!

“You COULD work on your personality, but there is an easier way to make friends”

I have these on now…wish I bought more…bought the camo ones…2 pairs!!!..very comfortable and warm…it is 4 below here in Maine right now….Hope they stock more of these…Amazin has them but the cost id $24.00…

They are cheap. They tore the first time I put them on.