Eton American Red Cross Emergency Gear

**Item: **Eton American Red Cross Emergency Gear
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Here are some good reviews from BestBuy for the Flashlight

Very good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) on the flashlight over at amazon

Let’s learn all about eton

Let’s check out the product page on the flashlight

I have two of the blackout buddy flashlights from a previous sale (though without the red cross logo) and I’ve been very happy with them. I don’t think we’ve ever actually lost power since I bought them, but they do come on when I pull them out of the wall and I used them for light while plugged in when the lightbulb in my ceiling fan went out.

hmmm, i am interested in the blackout buddy. i have horrible night vision so when the power goes out at night it takes me a while to find a flashlight if i can’t find my cellphone to light the way.

Reviews at Amazon for radio:

Blackout Buddy works great. I use one as a night light in my kitchen near the door entrance. I’ve lost power twice for a short time and the light brings a some comfort to the idea that everything running on electricity has suddenly stopped.

As a flashlight, it’s okay, it will light up a room enough to get things done.
I’ve given them away as gifts as well.

I have 3 blackout buddies from a previous sale. They put off good light in both modes and the power button is the toggle switch sort.

One of mine had a short fall from about outlet height to the floor and stopped working. They use the tamper resistance screws you’d find on a cell-phone or GPS, but they’re just a little bigger. Once I got it apart, I noticed the short fall had broken the solder on the leads to the battery which had been done relatively poorly.

So, you may want to find repair tools in advance…or just not drop it…or buy 5 for risk mitigation.

Loquacious… or this. :slight_smile:

Is the radio set up to charge from AC power ? If so, does it come with a cord ? One of the reviews I read (on Amazon) said it was difficult to find the right cord.

The emergency radio is a handy thing to have on the shelf if it is reliable. We have a similar-function device from Radio Shack (perhaps made by the same company).

A lot of folks no longer even have a portable battery-powered radio for emergencies due to Internet radio popularity.

I wouldn’t count on much of a charge for your phone from that USB port but it might be enough to get quick calls in.

Had to laugh at the phrase “Power will automatically “dump charge” to your phone, …”. What the heck is a “dump charge” and how is it different from a normal charge? Sounds like something I’d rather leave in the outhouse.

Being able to crank charge or run it off common AAA batteries is a good thing.

I do wonder whether the NiMh rechargeable internal battery is also AAA’s for easy user replacement. Some NiMh batteries are not very durable. (Energizer, I’m looking at you.)

@RaisinROM, good point. The features detail lists AC Power under power source, implying all you have to do is plug it in. But the pics don’t show a power cord.

Seems like they should say can be powered by AC using optional power cord if that is the case.

Here is a link for the Eton radio/flashlight combo, owners info:

Looks like it has the ability to use w/ an AC adapter (not incl’d) for every day use, when you have AC power.

Someones comments I thought useful,"Cons:

  1. Didn’t come with an AC adapter
  2. Doesn’t auto scan for best weather band channel in your area"

ETA: If you need an AC adapter, you would need a 5V AC Power with a mini USB connector. for power in

is one with both a hand crank and a solar cell.

Here is their updated ver. radio/flashlight at BestBuy, $60 has "solar charging panel (wonder how effective or more weather resistant), more compact

Per the Eton site, the Axis only comes with a USB Cable. They offer a power adapter on their site for $20, but given that it comes with a USB cable, it should be able to charge via AC with any standard AC to USB power adapter.

The specs are being updated to make this more clear.

Hope that helps!

I don’t have either of these specific models, but have purchased Eton gear from Woot in the past and been very pleased. Last time I picked up three of the smaller Red Cross crank radio/flashlights. The work great and seem fairly rugged, though they’ve not been subjected to much more abuse than the glove compartment. These make for an excellent backup when the power goes out, or for out in the car. My car flashlights tend to lose their charge before I ever need them, so being able to crank it back up is very helpful. I would definitely recommend these products, though the prices are higher than similar in the past (Mine were all purchased for $20 or less.)