Eton American Red Cross Preparedness Bundle

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Eton American Red Cross Preparedness Bundle
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I have the flashlight from this bundle, and it has saved me while hiking on several occasions.

The USB charger, however, isn’t as useful as you would hope. You know when you plug or unplug your phone, the screen lights up? When you turn the crank even slightly unevenly, the screen lights up, and thus you’re wasting part of the energy you just put in. If I really needed to charge my phone, I’d probably charge my external battery, which cares less about the incoming power, and then charge the phone from there.

Also, after ~5 years, the flashlight doesn’t hold a charge well anymore. The light dims after only a few seconds, and I find that I have to turn the crank continuously if I’m using it.

Does this have a radio in it as well?? Thanks

No radio but lots of light.