Eton ARCFRX3+WXR All Hazard Radio-2 Pack

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Eton ARCFRX3+WXR All Hazard Radio-2 Pack
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I bought an earlier version three to five years ago. The plastic body started to deteriorate after a year and became tacky to the touch. Don’t know if they fixed the problem now.

I purchased the Eton Scorpion II 2-pack last time they were up and I love them. Eton seems to be a decent brand, with lots of good options in the “utility radio” area.

The Scorpion IIs are the reason I just bought this two-pack. Looking forward to getting it!

Never mind, my mistake

I own two versions of this type of radio by eton. It has worked the entire time but the antenna broke, the outside became seriously discolored and tacky to the touch from Sun exposure and the crank broke off (in a small fall). The product still works but definitely is meant for emergency only not an everyday solar powered radio.

I agree with regard to any “rubberized” coatings that get applied to products. They eventually break down and become sticky. I wish companies would stop doing that. They never last. I have an Eton product from 5-6 years ago that has done this. It still works but is difficult to manually deal with.

Wish I had a couple of these during Harvey’s landfall here in South Texas. Considering how long we were without power, the crank up phone charger alone is worth the price. I have numerous charge packs but they too must eventually be charged. We spent a lot of time sitting in the truck wasting gas while things s-l-o-w-l-y charged up. The AC was nice though.

I agree about those nasty coatings. I have an old Logitech wireless keyboard that had it. When it became sticky after a few years of use, I managed to remove the coating with denatured alcohol. Still using that same keyboard on one of my computers to this day!

Woot should donate these to the folks in Houston.

I will agree with the rubberized parts of other Eton radios. Just noticed that one mine this year. I hate sticky stuff I gotta touch. However, I don’t see any rubber coating on this model. I am thinking of getting 4 as gifts for family members. They are decent, dependable radios that don’t require anything but to switch it on. I try to keep the external batteries fresh so I don’t need the crank. This one has solar so it may stay charged enough. Great camping radio for music, news and especially weather info for your location.