Eton FRX5 All Purpose Weather Alert Radio

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Eton FRX5 All Purpose Weather Alert Radio
Price: $74.99
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L.L. Bean Reviews

That’s the regular Amazon price.
How is this a deal?

Because they put a different price and crossed that out; so it must be a deal, right?

Hmmm…I show it’s 99.99 on the mothership

A whole 2000 mah so I can half charge my phone.

I guess I’ll buy this and wait until someone invents a weather app.

Looked at the picture and thought it was a wired microUSB speaker for the phone - that or a fan more useful than most USB fans.

Then I saw the price and figured something else must be going on.

I have a different model of Eton weather radio, and the hand crank function is basically useless - you have to crank a long time to get even a minute of charge. I doubt this one is different.

I also have an older model. Even with newer rechargeable batteries, the solar charging function will barely charge it enough to keep the clock running overnight, and will only play the radio for more than a few minutes even while it is in direct sun with a few hours charge. The crank charge function never worked well for me either. The radio itself tunes well, the alert function on the Weather Radio also functioned, and it is weather resistant.

I do set it out at scout camp so the boys have a clock to reference during the day, and if I think I need the weather radio functions at night, we have a car battery I will attach it to for power.

amazon is showing the BT model as 99 right now.

I have the older Red Cross version.

the solar panel on that one is the small strip across the handle. This one the solar panel is the entire back. Might actually be big enough to charge before the heat death of the Univers.

and for batteries on the Red Cross version came with NiCad AA format batteries.

Which means you can’t store it long term topped off or you get memory and gotta replace the cells.

this one is a built in lithium stack so I can keep it topped off and ready for emergency, and I have the old red one as a backup or loaner.

It’ll get some testing as a camp radio next month.


If you ordered it at it’s earlier price, never fear! Your extra $$ will be headed back to you soon.