Eton Radio, Blackout Buddy & Clipray

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Eton Radio, Blackout Buddy & Clipray
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Where was this at the end of August?

End of season sale. :wink:

Stock up for next season.

The blackout buddy is a good piece of kit. The other stuff I’ve no comment on.

Just an FYI this radio does not have the ability to be powered by traditional batteries. I have one of the earlier versions of this radio and it was a great asset during the recent hurricane. However the best part was the ability to keep it going with traditional batteries (as the internal rechargeable battery can only last so long and the solar and hand crank is not the most practical way to power the device).

Does this support S.A.M.E technology?

In need of a weather alert radio that is rugged, rechargeable, reliable and uses nature’s power for the latest weather update and news? Look no further because the FRX5 BT can deliver it all and now it also has Bluetooth technology for easy streaming of your music and podcasts anytime and anywhere. The FRX5 BT is solar-powered, splashproof², smartphone and tablet charging, Bluetooth streaming and with S.A.M.E. technology. With the rechargeable lithium battery, super duper solar panel and hand crank power generator, it is an essential for everyday use at home, at work, or in the great outdoors. You now are essentially getting two products in one – a rugged weather radio with alerts and a speaker system where you can stream anything at anytime and anywhere!

I bought a handcrank radio combo at Costco a few years ago and it still sits in a drawer because the crank is so pathetic. I’ve churned bricks of butter faster and it lasted longer.

Someone should invent a device that can be attached to a bike wheel to recharge it instead of the hand crank (which could still be an option but could pop off to allow attaching to a bike wheel).

Lots of them out there! I had a bike with a generator for the lights 50 years ago.

List of Hub Dynamo USB Chargers and Charging Systems for Electronic Devices

Also, if you’re into DIY…

You can harness your heavy pedaling and generate some juice for your cell phone. With this nifty bike mod you can ride around all day and never worry about your phone dying on you. All you need is a cheap hand crank radio or flash light that has a USB port. We will strip it down a bit and connect it to our bike tire for optimal charging power!