Eton Red Cross AM/FM/NOAA Weather Hand Crank Radio

This isn’t electronic? Oh, it is that hand crank that got you?

in for one for the apocalypse,

Who is Steve?

finally some thing useful on woot.
I think I’ll wait till 2011 end of year to pick one up

This would look VERY nice sitting next to that toaster!

even though they really suck…i love the bills too!!!

They all float. And when you’re down here with us, you’ll float too.

Just want some rep pts

This is an AWESOME radio! I got one a few months ago and I totally love it - especially since I live in a community where the power is always going out.
Highly reccommended, GREAT DEAL!

Haha someone bought one…

WTF? Another toaster

Wow… It’s $150 on Amazon… Are these really that impressive?

now if it was powered with a flux compacitor

That sucks. I get up for 90 seconds (ironically, to sit on a cold toilet seat) and I miss the coolest looking toas…err…bun warmer ever!

Maybe it’ll be in my bag of crap. Hahaha. I’ll probably be on a conference call and miss it again too.

My mother actually bought me one of these so I’d be safe when the crazy earthquake comes. She loves this sort of junk (sigh.)

With that said, it actually works pretty well. We got drunk and cranked cranked cranked to see if it would work. I’ll tell you one thing, it sure is durable!

I’m not sure that anyone needs, or even should want, a crank radio. But if you do, this crank radio doesn’t suck.

Amazon has it for $150. Great deal.

Yeah, think i’m good

You just missed it, The toaster could cook your burgers, with a basket on top to toast the buns and you’ve got yourself a basket of cheeseburgers

Money! IT