Eton Scorpion ll Digital Radio - 2 Pack

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Eton Scorpion ll Digital Radio - 2 Pack
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Not a Eaton fan. Have a couple of the larger emergency radios and they seem to fall apart with little use and the antenna’s either break, come apart or don’t stay in place. Other then that, these two are a great size for “go bags” or emergency bags. Though they cost more, I’ve been using midlands ER 200-310 series. I have one of each. The ER210 is 38 bucks w/prime and has a battery large enough to fully charge a cell phone. The ER310 even larger. I’ve had good luck with these devices. The 310 also ha a sonic alarm to help aid search dogs looking for you. The smaller bags I carry in my car have the “Running Snail” radios. They are very well made, have a great battery life and a larger battery to charge a cell phone but lack the digital settings the midlands have. 27 bucks on the mother ship.

What is the “Blackout Buddy Swivel” mentioned several times in the product description?

the Blackout Buddy from Eton, which is an LED flashlight that stays plugged in to keep the battery charged until you need it. When the power goes off, the Blackout Buddy lights up as emergency lighting to light your pathway. It can also serve as a nightlight.

Description says: READY FOR ACTION
Just leave the slim and trim Blackout Buddy Swivel in your wall socket and you will never be in the dark.
From what I can see this is a totally separate unit. Does it come with this purchase? Does the Scorpion have a plug-in to behave like the blackout buddy swivel?

Are these designed to hold up well during a zombie apocalypse? Would the sound of the hand crank alert zombies of my presence?


Whoops. Thank you for pointing that out. It’s not included.

I have a handful of Eton products for many years(weather emergency radio, rukus, rugged rukus and FRX4), use them pretty regular and am pleased with the brand. My FRX4 is nearly the same product as this so despite the temptation I think i’m going to have to pass as I just don’t need another one, let alone two. That being said, the weak point is going to be the cell charging functionality, small battery. In an emergency that should get your phone powered up enough to make a call but not something you’d want to use regularly as a cell battery bank.