Etón Sound & Weather

Going for about 50 bucks on Amazon - looks like it has decent reviews.

Oh yeah.! Give me Neil Diamond all night long…

Yes, I like to play nature sounds–birds, crickets, wolves, bears, elephants, etc., when I am camping in the backyard. The music really enhances the outdoor experience. And think of all the money I save on gas!

Got a Rukus in the last woot-off. I’ve been extremely happy with that decision. Now I’m getting music out by the fire pit or grill without tons of dangly wires. Sound quality is pretty good. Bluetooth connection starts struggling after 10 - 15 feet. Overall, definitely worth the money.

I have also purchased one of these the last Woot off and I am very happy with the speakers. I use it in the bedroom and it has enough volume to be too loud in a 12 x 12 room. I am in for anouther this time around for one out in the shop. I wish woot would sell the solar powered one.

Got one about 6 months ago at twice the price at Woot so I’m really PO’d to see it for $25 now. But it was worth it; works great while working in the yard, sitting around on the porch, etc. Surprisingly good sound if you keep the base boost on. Connects quickly and easily to any Bluetooth device nearby. Use rechargeable batteries and you’re completely untethered as you move around the yard.

Got the Rukus a few weeks ago, very good value for $, easy to set up & use. Sound quality good with bass boost on, seems pretty easy on batteries. Thumbs up.

Just got mine - a white one.

As others have said, good sound, not terribly loud. Easy to pair to my cheapie Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Elite.
It is plasticy, but it doesn’t feel cheap - has a nice texture. Back is rubberized so you can stand it upright without it sliding around. Obviously it’s not for audiophiles, but for 25 bucks it’s pretty unbeatable.