Eton Weather

Just got Eton Boost Turbine 2000 for my emergency kit. I already have a couple small back-up batteries,but once they are drained,you need electricity to charge. This has a hand crank,so if you don’t mind getting a work out,you can charge it this way. I also like that it has a lithium battery,making it far superior to older hand crank devices I have owned. Mostly good reviews on Amazon.

that was fast delivery on the blackout buddy emergency flashlight. it’s a nice LED version of one I already had, but the old brand had a lousy dim bulb. This LED version is nice…quite bright. Now when my SO can blow the fuse and not be standing nekkid in pitch dark in the bathroom.

The night light is also quite bright, which may limit where you want to place this. It’s not a subtle light. It’s bright. Probably not bedroom material. Nice in a hallway or kitchen though.

How does one make the nightlight feature on the blackout buddy work? I got mine and the flashlight feature is nice but so far cannot figure out the nightlight so it just sits plugged in in the bathroom and hopefully will provide light if the electric ever goes out. A little help would be appreciated as I would like to get a couple more for other areas of the house. Maybe I just got a bum one?

I have my blackout buddy plugged in with the side switch (as opposed to the flashlight button) set to “auto” (as opposed to “off”). It remains dark until all the lights are off in the room, so you can’t really tell its working in a well-lit room. If you turn off the lights in the room, though, the built-in light sensor triggers, and turns on the night light–specifically the LED at the bottom of the light with only one lens. If yours doesn’t do that…perhaps it is a bum light.

Thanks! That is what I thought should happen. Guess I got a lemon. Still in for 2 more though because it is a great concept and handy if we get a power outage this winter.

Going to pass on this one:

For what it’s worth, you can get a Kaito V1B Voyager that’s a battery/crank/solar powered shortwave/AM/FM radio with USB charging for only $25ish on amazon. Pretty sure there’s an AM/FM/weather variant too, if you really think its necessary.