Etón Weather

So my Eton from this Woot arrived in time for a mini Scout camp out. It seems pretty weak on the WX reception, at least here in town.

The glow in the dark did still glow at dawn the next morning, which was unexpected. It was a thoughtful design that using the flashlight recharges the glow in the dark ring.

Disappointed in the FM radio dial, as there are no reference numbers on it to help you find a specific station. Reception seemed good for that.

So overall, it is smaller than my other Eton radio, and will be used more for fun than as a serious safety device. Easy to fit in a backpack for a camping trip in stable weather patterns.

It appears that on the front display, FM runs from 88 to 108, with a needle gauge showing where you are. Not a whole lot of room on the display to break it down further…

ON A SIDE NOTE, these units just came up today (Thursday) on QVC as its “Today’s Special Value” — for $26.83.