ETQ TG32P12 4000W Gas Generator

A lot of folks recomend this from Home Depot with 4.5 avg rating

Here’s a video review.

Would this power an oil burner, coal stove and fridge?

Solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at amazon

What will happen if someone from CA tries to order a unit? I’m too afraid to test!

It may have a muffler, but that genny is still really loud!


I got this message:
“Sorry, we can’t ship the ETQ TG32P12 4000W Gas Generator offer to that state.”

Well, that’s a buzz kill. I liked my version better.

Where’s it made? It is not UL listed and a Chinese made generator is not cool.

right click, and saved.

Thanks Brando!

I have one from BJ’s It runs well but it is loud and you really need the wheel kit once you load it with gas it is darn heavy.

[MOD: Luckily, this one comes with the wheel kit!]

need oil burner version, so when doomsday comes, I can use my stock of cooking oil until the new junta gets established.

After hurricane Ike my neighbor let us and the neighbor on the other side of him hook into his 8000 watt generator (the deal was we had to take turns finding gas and waiting in line to keep it running). We had medication for a toddler that had to stay refrigerated so we were very thankful he had the thing. We ran our fridge, a TV, satellite receiver and several lights while he ran a window AC, tv, lights, etc and the other neighbor ran just as much, all without issue for five days (we were lucky, our power was restored fast). Obviously this is half that size, but it is more than enough for a single family to keep comfortable should the grid fail you. Looking back the whole experience was a good one (we were lucky and had minor damage). Neighbors spent time talking to each other, helping each other making ice and sharing food. The world seemed to slow down for a week. Having the generator made things just comfortable enough to turn what could have been a nightmare into a fond memory (cheezy, but true).

This looks like a Chinese Honda clone. Which means that 95% of it will be fine, but there will be some 25 cent diode that they skimped on that will fail.

crappy pic of panel. Looks like a nice genny.

The answer to your question is YES! I have one not too much larger than this one and it powers my gas central heating, my 27 cu. ft. fridge, my 60 gal. water heater, gas range, micro wave, TVs and lights and large freezer. My generator was the ONLY thing that maintained sanity in our family for the 10 day disruption of power resulting from Sandy. I believe that Sandy alone made the money I paid for the generator well worth it.

Finally, this is a super price for a generator of this size. In the real world you will easily pay twich as much for this size generator.

It’s probably made in the same place mine was made…China. However, just because it’s made in China, you can’t say it’s not cool. Some “American Brands” are also made in China but they will cost you at least 3 times more. Some of the components of other American products are also made in China but they don’t advertise this.

If you take good care of your generator (frequently change the oil and spark plug, change or clean filters and run machine out of gas) before storage, it will give you years of trouble free service.

I thought about ordering this because it’d be cheaper than having a new 240V circuit installed in my house, and I need a new 240V circuit for charging my electric car. Sadly I live in California.