Etsy/Ebay stores

Hey wooters, I just thought I’d open up a thread for all of you Etsy or Ebay-ers out there. I don’t have a store at either one yet, but was thinking about opening an Etsy store. Can anyone weigh in on their experience at either site? I’m an amature photographer and jewelry-maker, and I’m looking for a place to sell.

So please, everyone- post your stores in here so we can take a look! And if anyone has any words of advice for either site, please weigh in. Thanks everyone!

Maybe this will help:

Thanks for making this thread.

my esty shop

On sale now-

Coming Soon (in teal)

Oh awesome dude! This shirt is badass. What derby was this from?

Also- I didnt see any info in there about what kind of shirt it’s printed on. Is it AA?

Thanks for posting this!

It was from, the better, faster, whatever derby. It was in grey scale with red highlights for the derby, but I couldn’t really afford to have it printed that way.

They are not AA shirts. I really with I could get them, but they aren’t really affordable for me right now. I’m printing them on heavyweight cotton, “regular fit” shirts. Either Gildan or Anvil. Right now the Black shirts that I have are Anvil.

Ah yes, now I remember it =) It looks great in black and white as well!

I understand why you wouldnt get AA shirts, they are pricey. Thanks for the info, I’ll be sure to order one soon =)

I’ve been wanting to get an Etsy shop together for months but I never seem to have the time. Not to sell shirts so much, but drawings and sketches and such.
A friend of mine has a shop that seems to be doing really well:
Blueberry Shoes
She’s been on the front page a few times. I know she does a lot of promoting tho, plus she goes to local craft fairs. If you’re committed to it, it seems like it can turn out amazing. I’d say go for it.

Cool cool, I think I’ll have to give it a go. Pricing is my biggest dilemma of course, so I’ll kind of have to experiment with that. I’ll post a link as soon as I have it =)

Ok, here’s the link to my ETSY STORE! Please take a look and give me some feedback. I’m not sure about the prices. I’ll be posting a LOT more later =)

Haha doesnt seem like many people have etsy stores… if you do, POST THEM! I wanna see them! =D

Mine is posted below :slight_smile: Check it out!

nice shirt…