Eufloria Aromatic Washington White Blend (6)

Eufloria by Pacific Rim Aromatic Washington White Blend 6-Pack
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2013 Eufloria Aromatic White Blend, Washington

Can someone explain why Ohio is no longer on shipping lists? I’ve searched and can find no new legislation prohibiting it, and I’ve ordered woot wine many times in the past without issue.

I want to buy this wine, but when I try to log in through Amazon, I get this message…

This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

what gives, Woot?

I have no problem connecting to to


No flying monkeys want to be in Minnesota in January, so a bottle of Eufloria was delivered Friday by my friendly Fed Ex guy. What a lovely surprise! Saturday pop (well, unscrew) and pour at fridge temp. Light golden color. Floral aroma with a little yeast? Crisp with flavors of grapefruit and freesia. Initially sweet, but with a puckery finish. Went nicely with some smoked salmon on crackers.

Day 2 - the yeast smell is gone, but still fruity/floral notes. The immediate sweetness is there, but not as much “pucker.” Had it with grill chicken and wild rice and it was OK. But it was better with homemade peach crisp!

This is a wine that I can see enjoying come summer at a price I like.

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It’s because your state’s name encourages substance abuse.

Wow, man, never thought of it that way! Heavy.

I just looked at yesterday’s wine.woot, and OH is on the ship-to list. I think it’s more a question of this winery not shipping there, as another Pacific Rim offer from earlier this month wasn’t available in OH either.

It depends on the winery. This winery does not have an OH license.

I would love to serve this come summer but, alas, I live in Connecticut. sigh.


Apparently, Fedex had been trying to find me all weekend. Fortunately, a neighbor signed for it and got it to me this afternoon.

My first tasting pour was done once chilled to 50F.

This wine has a very mild but pleasant aroma. Based on the name, I was expecting a big floral perfume, but perhaps it’s just a nod to the bottle artist whose name is Flora.
It is only sightly sweet and perfectly balanced with some bright acidity. There is a tad bit of bitterness in the finish which serves as a reminder to take another sip.
Once warmed back up to about 57F some spicy notes emerge without altering any of character present at 50F.

The second pour is now down at 45F. The sweetness is slightly muted as compared to 50+ which allows the acidity to come through.

This would make great warm weather wine. Fully chilled it should be very refreshing poolside, but you’ll get a bit more complexity out of it once warmed up. This should pair well with a very wide range of food since it is well balanced without any overpowering flavors. In fact, I really want to go out and grill something to go with the rest of this bottle.

Overall, this wine is good but not particularly memorable. I’d serve this a party since it should be pleasing to a wide range of palates and won’t kill your budget.