Eufloria Aromatic Washington White Blend (6)

Eufloria by Pacific Rim Aromatic Washington White Blend 6-Pack
Sold by: Pacific Rim Winemakers Inc (VinMotion)
$54.99 $108.00 49% off List Price
2014 Eufloria Aromatic White Blend, Washington

Liking the RS caveat in specs, and wondering just what the blend is. :tongue:

Wine Enthusiast review, FWIW;
“A unique blend of Pinot Gris, Muscat, Riesling and Gewürztraminer, it is—as its name suggests—quite floral, along with notes of lychee and white grapefruit. It drinks off dry, with a medium-bodied feel. Citrus and spice flavors carry through the finish.” 88 pts.

While they don’t list percentages, the description does mention that Riesling and Muscat make up the “dominant part of the blend” while the Pinot Gris adds structure and the Gewurz adds spice and complexity.

I like the lable.

Too bad my daughter is newly pregnant (with twins!!!), she would enjoy this one. I fear she will be to busy in February to even think about having any wine, she will need all of her wits about her.

I’m sorry to say I’ve found this label along with a few other vinmotion wines at GO at $4-5 a bottle. Never tried it though.

Mazel tov, edlada!! Best of health to the three of 'em.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Too soon to know what they are yet, although probably not identical, each one is in its own sac. I am a fraternal twin. Of course being born in 1955 they didn’t even have steam powered ultrasound back then so my mother had no idea there were 2 of us until the Dr. discovered my brother, after I came out. Although in a bit of shock, at least my daughter has some time to prepare.

The blend sounds semi-sweet. I’ll bet this is a refreshing summer wine and also makes a great wine spritzer. X

'55 is a great year


My German wine friend has a pretty extensive collection of very old Bordeaux and Burgundy. Every now and then we open a bottle from '55 and from his birth year, '59. Almost without exception all of the '59s were quite nice, some even outstanding and almost all of the '55s were at best, meh, and often undrinkable. I think I am one of the best things that came from that year. For Bordeaux and Burgundy, I’m not sure.

In for one - seems like it could be a good dinner companion to some spicy Thai, which is in the regular rotation at our house.

Sooo maybe not that unique…