eufy Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim)

eufy Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim)

I have one of these. Great device if you don’t mind it suddenly turning on in the middle of the night.

Overall these seem like great ideas until you try them and realize you need to preclean every loose item off the floor or it’ll get tangled. And If your room is so small you don’t need to worry about pre-cleaning then you probably won’t benefit much from a robot cleaner like this.

The biggest issue is these randomly turn on at all hours of the night. Google before buying.

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This vacuum is totally useless. Spins in circles constantly, get’s stuck on area rugs, isn’t heavy enough to raise the knap on carpets. Save your money, or invest in a better model.

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Back in the day, there were only like 2 brands. Now there’s like 20 or so and MUCH MUCH cheaper. Not that they are any better but just cheaper. After 4 different versions of Neato, I’m also running a DeeBot, Samsung and a Neato (3 floors, 3 different machines) but I’m still running a iRobot SCUBA to wash the floors. Yet to find a comparable replacement.

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Thanks for that. I was wondering how this would work with kitty litter that uses pine pellets… and those pellets get kicked out of the litterbox from time to time. Doesn’t sound like this is the vacuum robot I seek.

I bought this exact model 2 months ago when woot had it (refurbished) for $108 and I must say that it is aggravating. Although not aggravating enough for me to carry the regular vacuum downstairs and vacuum the living room/ dining room/ kitchen myself. I would not recommend buying at this price, I would look for one with smart mapping and is WiFi enabled. The problem with this one is that it doesn’t have a memory of where things are, so it just bumps around and gets what it gets. It’s okay if you’re fine with keeping an eye on it and having to correct it when it needs it. Also, for me, the slimness is not a feature but a drawback, it’s just short enough to get under the edge of my couch/ loveseat and get stuck, and I have to rescue it. The actual vacuum function works well though. I plan to move mine upstairs once I find a smart robot vacuum for downstairs. It has been a great friend for our kitten to play with, she parkours off the top of it, lays down in it’s path so it can’t return to its base, and attacks the brushes as they spin. Overall, it’s a 3/5.

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I just came here to say that the Woot copywriter did an excellent job on the 3 laws of robotics spoof. Well done, I hope they pay you well!


I joined the Woot team a couple months ago, so you know my comments are solely to feed the greed of my corporate overlords.

That said, the 11s we ran a couple months back at a lower price was refurbished. This unit is new so the price is higher.

We have this unit for about a year and like it very much. We use it to pick up dog hair on tiled floor and one low-pile area rug. Keeps the dog hair to an acceptable level between regular vacuuming. Couple of caveats, we have a step that it falls down almost every day, and it’s maybe a little noisier than we would like.

We also had one of those incidents that undoubtedly everyone has seen on the internet, not related to the brand of cleaner, where the dog made a mess and the vacuum went through it (puke emoji).

Bought this the last sale when it was $100. Good for that price. It doesn’t compare to the cleaning performance or smarts of our Neato Botvac Connected (with wifi/mapping/etc) but it’s so quiet! You can almost run it in the middle of night.

As for it going off in the middle of the night, I found that somehow the scheduled timer got turned on for midnight and it would start then, I would hear it running when it got close to our bedroom. You just have to turn off that feature.

It also does a much better job of NOT running into things. It senses right before it hits something, stops and turns to go the other way. Makes it much quieter, no banging around on the furniture when compared to Neato.

The battery life is short though. We have new thick carpet and on the standard IQ mode it would die in about 30 mins. We changed it to the Eco mode and it seems to last about an hour and still cleans alright.

Robot vacuums of any kind require you to clean and pick up your house on the days that you have them run in order to avoid jams. It helps keep clutter off the floor for us and is a normal part of our lives on M,W,F when we run our robots.

I’m looking into a Roborock S6 MaxV for our next robot.

Bought one of the refurbished models when it was on woot a couple months ago. We have been extremely satisfied with it. We replaced the carpet on our main floor with laminate floor a year ago and have been amazed at how quickly dust and crumbs seem to accumulate. We set up the eufy to automatically run at 4am every day and now our floors look great every day. It may not map out and remember your room but there is definitely a good bit of logic and smarts in the path that it chooses. It seems to cover every area of our downstairs at least once every night and has some sort of strategy for making sure it gets the edges of the room well. I’m consistently amazed by how much stuff shows up in the collection tray every day. If you are looking for an inexpensive entry into the robot vacuum world I think this is a great choice as long as you understand the limitations.

In my mind the only limitations are the following:

  • No electronic barriers for blocking off where you don’t want it to go

  • All programming and control has to go through the remote, there is no app

That is really it in my eyes. If you don’t care about those things or can work around them, this is a great value. I don’t have problems with it starting randomly. It gets in and out from under my furniture just fine. It transitions from the hard floors over my door mats and rugs pretty good. Occasionally the mat by the door is folded over or moved in the morning, no big deal. I had to move some lamp and other electrical cords around a little the first couple times it ran to keep them out of the way. It picks up the larger pieces of stuff, like the stray pieces of cat food that fall out of the bowl, without issue.

I haven’t used it much on carpet but it does have a higher suction mode that it is supposed to use automatically when it transitions from hard floors to carpet. You can turn the high suction mode on/off/auto from the remote manually and specify the same when setting the nightly schedule. High suction mode is louder though and doesn’t seem necessary to force in order to clean my floors well.

The only thing I do on a regular basis is make sure my phone and laptop chargers are up and out of the way because those tend to get moved around during the day. Occasionally it gets caught on a cord or trapped somewhere and you have to free it in the morning but it always still has enough power left to get back to the base on its own once it is free, and it only happens once a week or so at the most. Talking to friends who have other brands, this isn’t a problem specific to the eufy.

One thing I like about it that I didn’t expect is that when there is some small mess on the floor (usually crumbs from eating in the living room or stuff that falls on the floor in the kitchen when cooking) I find using the remote to clean it up with the eufy much easier than either pulling out the regular vacuum or dealing with the small handheld.

Also, I put the base for this under my couch against the wall so it is completely out of sight when not in use. It does mean I have to stand on the side of my couch so there is a line of sight from the remote when starting it manually but it hasn’t affected the ability of the vacuum to find its home when it is done.

I highly recommend actually reading the directions and spending some time understanding the buttons on the remote and how to use them.

Ah yes, I edited my comment to include that. I feel it’s worth it at the ~$110 price point even as a refurb. I wasn’t trying to say that this deal is bad by any means, just that in the ~$150 price range there may be better models to consider.

I bought a Eufy previously but different model, and while it worked it was great, but now it just spins in circles no matter what you do. I’ve tried all the fixes to no avail. I guess this sadly the age of disposable electronics. After reading these reviews I doubt I would ever buy another Eufy product. Also Woot, what ever happened to Twofer Tuesdays?

2 for Tuesdays went away a LONG time ago - even before Amazon bought us. It was difficult to find a 2pack deal every week. They didn’t do any better than a regular deal.

Here’s the problem with most robotic vacuums - they clean well enough if you don’t have a lot of junk on the floors, but the brushes quickly clog with hair. This requires a lot of manual work to keep them cleaning efficiently. Too much work. So much work that you’ll set them aside, let the batteries decay, and return to your Dyson or Oreck upright corded vacuum.

On the other hand, robotic lawnmowers are a much better concept. They mulch the grass, so you don’t need to empty them. They can operate on a schedule, then return to their charging base when their batteries get low or when they detect rain. Overall, a vastly superior concept than the robotic vacuum (even the self-emptying Roomba).

Woot, sell us some Friendly Robotics Robomows!