eufy RoboVac 12 with BoostIQ Technology

eufy RoboVac 12 with BoostIQ Technology

I bought this on a previous Woot, so I’ll share my opinion, in case anyone finds it useful.


-Doesn’t clean as well as other robot vacuums I’ve use. It does OK, but just doesn’t seem to clean as deeply.

-As far as I can tell, it can only be scheduled to clean every day, and not certain days. I had a Neato vac that I set up to run Tuesday and Thursday, but this just has a time setting, not a day, so it cleans every day at that time.

-It doesn’t seem to always get everywhere, missing spots, even on repeated cleanings.

-It doesn’t seem to have much in the way of sensors, so it largely navigates by “feel” - basically bumping into things.


-It’s inexpensive.

-It is relatively quiet, which may be why it doesn’t clean as deeply.

-It has a large dustbin.

-It seems to rarely get hung up on things, less so than other robovacs I’ve had (the Roomba I had would stop at dark patterns on the rugs, thinking they were drops - this doesn’t have that issue).

-It generally finds its way back to the charger (there was one time it was sitting on the charger after finishing a cleaning run, but had missed the charging contacts by about 1/4 inch, so it wasn’t charging, but otherwise it’s done well).


Got this (or same brand at least) a few months ago. Always skeptical about these, but love our bot. We still vacuum on occasion for a more serious clean, but with a shedding dog, this does great at a daily or every other day clearing up of dog hair and dust. It seems to get confused under chairs and tables, but always finds its way out. Does our whole downstairs. Only a couple times it couldn’t find the base before it ran out of steam, but usually it’s back in place, recharging without help. We don’t use the schedule feature, so I can’t speak to that.

We like ours. Can’t argue with K’s cons, but it is really affordable, and takes care of 90% of the downstairs floor cleaning. Make sure you have a blank area against a wall for it to find its way home automatically, or else you’ll need to re-home it manually.

Another robot vacuum.

So tomorrow will be either an inversion table or action camera.

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Not suitable for high-pile carpet or very dark-colored floors

Ok, I gotta ask, why shouldn’t it be used on dark colored floors?

As of this moment, no. But things change a lot around here.


Maybe it distorts sensors? Just guessing…

Very happy with ours that we bought here previously.

We do not have issues with deep pile carpet, it works just fine and makes those cool patterns in sweeps across it. :slight_smile:

We use ours on different levels of the floor, part hardwood, part low pile carpet and part deep pile carpet. It handles all well, including going from one type of flooring to the next.

We have ours set for specific days of the week through the Eufy app on my iPhone. Every once in a while we get alerts for dirty sensors, or it gets stuck in a specific place under our couch, but it always alerts us and shuts off until we rescue it.

Very glad to have it, works better than my brothers name brand unit. We have grandkids and cats so we really need all the automated help we can get!

We bought one back in March(?) on the last go around. For the first two weeks we were shocked at how much it picked up. We thought we vacuumed enough with our Kirby. It’s settled down now, we empty the dustbin every week or 10 days.

Does or get jammed under things? At times. We’ve strategically placing house shoes under certain spots, closing certain doors where we don’t want it to go. We’re in a happy place now. It does it’s job and we rarely have to guide it home.

We placed ours under the TV stand. Just high enough for entry, deep enough for it to almost be hidden.

Bottom line, we’ve adjusted to it and like it.

I got the 30C version, they fixed up those cons real well. It does still kinda bump into things, but waaaaay less than my old iLife I used to have, which pretty much moved in the way you described.

Deebo Ozmo 950 and Roborock S5 / S6 are the only robot vacuums I’d even think about purchasing given all options across all brands.

Ut oh; so flagship product?