eufy RoboVac 30C with Boundary Strips

eufy RoboVac 30C with Boundary Strips

I had one, and though it vacuumed ok, it would get stuck on everything. It also doesn’t hold very much dirt/dog hair.
I finally gave up on it. I was always having to babysit it.

Agree with wjames. We had one and returned it for the same reason. It doesn’t have learning AI so it continues to get stuck under the same couch, desk, coffee table, etc day after day. Just wasn’t worth the hassle anymore.

I have one, it use to get stuck on everything BUT what we starting doing is pick up everything at night before bed, flipped table chairs, and removed rugs. We let ot do its course while we sleep. It is working marvelous. The trash tray is small but it is doable.

When I moved into a house, I got one of these from Woot for the carpeted upstairs and continued to use my old Neato XV-21 downstairs on the hardwood floor. The ratings on the Eufy vacuums were good so I figured it was a decent deal.
I’m not a big fan of it. The app wants access to your location, it uses a random vacuuming pattern so it’s hard to say how long it will run, the brush bar is pretty small, it only has basic bump and cliff sensors, and the app isn’t really very useful.
On the plus side, it is pretty quiet and doesn’t eat any stray cord the way the Neato does.
I think it’s an OK vac to see if a robot vacuum is for you, but I’ll probably replace it with a modern Neato model when my budget allows and one come up on sale.

Sorry. That seems like a lot more work than just vacuuming the room yourself. And, bonus! You the rugs get vacuumed too that way, rather than vacuuming the floor under the rug.

Same here. I had one. It started off fine. It would only get stuck occasionally. Then it became a nightly occurrence. I corresponded with their customer service and they first wanted me to box off and return but finally gave me a refund. I replaced with a roomba which was much louder and randomly just does instead of returning to its charging base. Cant win

We purchased a new non WiFi version from Woot a while back and absolutely love it. We named it Giget:) It is the only robot vac we have had. It gets used mainly on hardwood floors, with four different low-pile throw rungs. We have extension cords laying along the walls in places and it hardly ever gets stuck on them (so infrequently, we have not bothered to do anything about the cords on the floor). It never gets completely stuck on the throw rugs. We even have a couple of significant thresholds between rooms that it will have trouble getting over if it approaches them head-on, but will back up and go on its way, and easily gets over them if approached at an angle. If has not thrown itself down any stairs, it fits under our furniture, and has ALWAYS made it way back home to its charging base (even now that it is crammed in a corner just big enough to fit between a wall and a piano). The magnetic strips work just like they should. The bump sensor does not seem too aggressive, and we have not noticed any marring of furnature legs.
The only issue we have had is it will go under the bed and not come out because it thinks that the bed skirt is a wall, but that is on the 2nd floor, so we just tuck the bed skirt up when we run it up there and it is not an issue. The non-WiFi version is only able to schedule to run every singe day, and not able to schedule on specific days, but it is so simple to just push the start button when the floors need a cleaning it has not been a big issue for us. We paid $10 more for the basic version, and would would do so again.

I literally just bought this from the mothership on Jan 10th (guess I should have waited!). I’ve been using it and it works well! There was a spot it always get stuck so I put some of the boundary strips there and now it doesn’t get stuck there. One time it stopped because hair was tangled up in the vacuum and I had to manually remove it, but overall I’ve been impressed. Some of my doors don’t shut completely and this thing will plow into them and actually knock the door open and go into rooms I don’t want it to go to, so the boundary strips are useful here too.

Well I just received mine, and it was used. even had bits of carpet and hair in it from the previous user. Seems like about every other order from woot has had issues for me, so I’m going to go woot free for awhile.

I have had my Eufy for three days and so far, I LOVE it ( well, him…named him Eugene.) I haven’t had to move much at all; Eugene adjusts to most everything here. He is very quiet and does a great job…on carpet, ceramic and wood flooring. I am pretty (maybe very) picky about cleaning and this works better than I had expected. BTW, we have a large, hairy black Lab and a cat Eugene picks up the hair along with the dust/dirt and, amazingly, neither animal is frightened of him. I am happy with this purchase and glad to have gotten the Woot deal.

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.