eufy RoboVac L70 Robo Vac and Mop

eufy RoboVac L70 Robo Vac and Mop

Just throwing my $0.02 in. I bought one of these from Amazon last year, and while it generally works well, there are a number of things that are frustrating about it:

  • The mopping functionality sucks. The wheel traction isn’t sufficient once any moisture is involved, so whern mopping it starts swerving around like it is drunk and gets stuck on our tile or hardwood floors.

  • After about three months it has started developing an issue where in the middle of cleaning it is convinced it is running into something and will just back up and go forward non-stop for about 15 minutes crashing into things before it throws an error saying it is stuck. It will do this about 3-4 power on cycles until it will just spontaneously start working again.

  • Sometimes it decides to start all over with the mapping, so the house map you set up with ‘no go’ and ‘no mop’ zones just up and disappears and you have to recreate everything.


Thank you for posting this! I wouldn’t want to spend nearly $400 on a product that could develop those types of issues. I really appreciate the warning.

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