eufy Smart Lock Touch Electronic Deadbolt

eufy Smart Lock Touch Electronic Deadbolt

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Eufy or Anker brand products are my new favorites. No monthly fees. Reminds of the days when we didn’t require to have loans on phones, cars, or even a place to stay. The good old days…will be missed.

Just remember that this is bluetooth only. Not technically smart device. You cannot remotely unlock/lock this. I was really bummed to find that out.

Noted. I didn’t buy it personally just cause I still am old school and have seen to many articles how easy criminals can hack such devices and manipulate its sequence to let them gain access. Although, if criminals really want to gain access im sure a crowbar will work on about every wooden door frame. Metal security door different story.

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$150? I will just use my key like a normal person. Thanks


If you have kids, these (not necessarily this brand… I like Schlage) are a big saver of lost keys.

Also, once a tree began to fall over our driveway while we were away, and I was able to give my neighbor the code to get in to the house so he could move the car out of harm’s way. Paid for itself many times over in that single incident. (Yes, the old-fashioned route is to give a neighbor a key - and we’ve done that - but it was a different neighbor.)

We just got one and I installed it a few weeks ago.

At first I had mixed feelings about the lack of wifi, but not so much anymore. (It appears they are releasing a wifi version soon.) The more and more I thought about it, it is just not something I want to give someone remote access to. If someone absolutely needs to get in my house, I can give them a code.

It is a “smart” device in the sense that it’s setting are controlled by your phone. In and of itself, not a big deal.

More useful for us was/is the fingerprint reader. It works quite well. To the point where we no longer use or bring our keys with us. Really handy.

It is also “smart” cause you can set up individual access, both with key codes and the fingerprint reader. You can also enabled limited access, for example, allow someone to only open/close the lock from 8am-5pm. It also logs all the entries, so you know who is doing what when.

Something else we also like is the autolock feature. Even if you left the door unlocked, after a time period (which you set) it will lock itself.

Now, for a individual’s home this is all pretty much overkill and just a fun toy. However, to a business I could see all these features being extremely useful. It could be put in any number of places: a front door, a break room, a bathroom, supply closet, filing room etc.

Not all things need to access the internet to be “smart”. I consider it a lot smarter to be siloed all on it’s own. But ymmv.