Eureka Comfort Clean Upright Bagless Vacuum with HEPA Filter

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Eureka Comfort Clean Upright Bagless Vacuum with HEPA Filter
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Eureka 4235AZ Comfort Clean Upright Bagless Vacuum

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Bagless! This will save you a ton of money in the long run! Bags can be expensive, and i made the mistake of buying one that needs bags every now and then.

how often do you need to clean this model seeing there’s no bag? surely debris “cakes” on the interior, no?

Awaits the dreaded end all be all comparisons to Dysons over priced crap.

Product Website

Anybody got the exact Amazon link? I can’t seem to find one there that meets all of the specs of this…

edit: thanks for the product link! =)

This also describes me after the last woot-off. Bagless.

119.99 on amazon…

They claim to be the best on their website

Eureka frequently rates very high with Consumer Reports. I have a bagged version with hepa filter that was rated very highly. I imagine that this is just the same. Remove the accent, the yellow and grey, and you pay a lot less for a superior vacuum that is not from the sweedish guy. Smart and cheap. Gotta love hoover!

LOL. The dirt is trapped into a container. You just pull the container out, empty/clan it, and put it back. You have to remove it slow to not get dust everywhere (after it’s settled of course.

I find these to be a reasonable vacuum, as no bags, but I would have some form of cover when emptying it to keep the particles in rather than let any escape.

As for the other part of your question… you SHOULD empty/clean it as often as you fill it. 8-|

That’s not the same vacuum (going by the photo, at least).

I received this as a Christmas present last year. It works well - it has an automatic plug, which is awesome so that you don’t have to wind up the cord. The bagless feature is pretty much in line with all other types of bagless vacuums…Not ideal, but I’ve had no issues in the 8 months I’ve owned it.

Does this hold more or less than your run of the mill bagged vacuum?

Looks like it might last a month in my place…but I’d want to empty more often, it would look ugly sitting there half full of dust!

Is that a Portal or a StarGate where the handle should be?

Hard to judge the size based on the pictures. Guess I’ll have to compare it to what I’ve got. I hate the vacuums that are so small it takes ages to get through one room.

I bet you could also use the handle as a Wii tennis racket.

Besides the space-age look, what is so special about this vacuum? The one thing you can always count on when one of these is for sale: The woot is guaranteed to suck.

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