Eureka Comfort Clean Upright Bagless Vacuum with HEPA Filter

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Eureka Comfort Clean Upright Bagless Vacuum with HEPA Filter
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Eureka 4235AZ Comfort Clean Upright Bagless Vacuum

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I got one of these for my parents (not from Woot!) but it works great.

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Here’s the manual.



CR gives a best buy in March ratings

This compares very favorably to the Black Friday vacuum sales…
I bought one for my MIL and she really likes it.

That’s funny, the CR website has 11 recommended/“best buy” uprights, and the only Eureka is the Boss (bagged) model.

What is HEPA?

What is a HEPA Filter?

What is a HEPA filter and do I need one?

This has got to be the longest a vacuum has ever been up without a “this vaccuum sucks!” comment.

Not that I want to start arguing with myself, but there’s an entry on the CU blog about it – – might only work for subscribers…

But for some reason it doesn’t end up in their ratings. Peculiar. The online ratings usually are more up-to-date than the published ones. I’ve seen differences before in three different cases: (1) they spaced the online update – CU is good, but not perfect; (2) it got “run over” – there were originally 10 recommendeds and it made #5, but many new models were introduced and new #'s 4-10 pushed the previous 4-10 into 11-17 range; and (3) withdrawn – looked good, CU screwed up, no it wasn’t, they fixed.

Being honest about option 3, BTW, is a reason to love CU.

Anyhoo…found the CU blog post saying they expected to recommend it, still not on their main ratings page.

I bought this about 3 months ago on Woot for around this price. The vacuum is awesome. It’s no Dyson, but it does a decent job for the price.

CU blog post discussing this model is dated 08/17/09.

So I guess I have 25 hours to fall back and think about buying this, eh?

I love having an extra hour to clean up my place. There’s so much Woot stuff around here I can’t walk from one room to the other without knocking boxes or things on to the floor.

Oh, by the way, not to knock this Woot, but I saw a vacuum similar to this sitting on my street corner. And it sat there all day. No one wanted it.

Then again, maybe the prior owner used it to vacuum up bed bugs. Me and my dog looked at it from a distance, out of concern that the bed bugs might jump on us. :frowning:

Fear the beard… and the bed bugs…

So Woot says the “first sucker” was dongjunam23.

I guess that exemplifies a double entendre.

Just noting.

I got it for the Consumer reports rating as a ‘Recommended Buy’ as well as for the great reviews.